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Re: <nettime> Re: there is no place in cyberspace

Talking about place and cyberspace, here a long quote from today's
Australian Financial Review (19 September 2000, p. 29, property section) the
sudden shortage of electricity in global cities:

"Keep up with the demands of new technology and internet data centres is a
mega problem for electricity suppliers the world over - and Sydney's
EnergyAustralia is no exception, writes Tina Perinotto.

High-tech hunger jolts  power suppliers
Sites near fibre routes offer best option

It is important to be as close as possible to fibre-optic cable and a good
power source says Mr Doug Oates, the Australian representative for United
States-based data centre operator PIXC. Facilities also needed to be close
to the corporate customer base since more than half the clients would
service computer equipment themselves and need easy access and parking.
Ideally, a clearance height of 4.2m, "slab to slab", was needed and
converting former industrial premises was preferable since "it's quicker,"
said Mr Oates, who added his company planned internet data centres in
Mascot, South Melbourne and later Brisbane. Mascot was emerging as a
favoured location since it was on the route taken by the new Southern Cross
Cable Network, which is expected to begin commercial operation by November 15.
According to Mr Matt Herrett of Jones Lang LaSalle, agents are doing the
best they can to piece together maps of the fibre-cable route by questioning
local property owners to find out where roads have been excavated. He said
the data companies had paid so much for fit-out they "won't haggle over the
rent or cost of buying land". EnergyAustralia said the best-served areas for
power in Sydney were the Homebush, Somersby and on the central coast at
Wyong and Charmhaven, were new zone substations were being developed.
Mr Roger Hale, of Connell Wagner, adds that Ultimo, the side of the 30,000
sq m, 25-megawatt Global Switch data centre in the old government printing
works, is another good area since a new zone substation was installed nearby
for the Sydney Casino, Star City. In Melbourne, the location of choice for
internet data centres circling the market is South Melbourne, which is on an
optical cable."

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