Gil Tucker [ateliermobile] on 19 Sep 2000 07:34:06 -0000

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<nettime> gaitwears


true to piety sorrokind tol stay ahstance all toward
authour horror and tradition exalt as was born can
be at last booned to exalt talk-based satire   albeit
astrophia or astropphobia an active dialogic appro
ach bake tin pastiche metagenre hal haum artistic p
reface erase autonomy mesalliances mutate author
ity and order romance realism fodor retrace antenn
a note anteceeded patterns antlia space antares  a
papanastrom another explanation against  aperture
angular angst the distaance without altitude  amour
matters anansie skulled name sake over sakes  fall
agur against death splayed altimeritively funny faber
my faerie tail relativistip wash vapid heap  valor  ha
m stir strung hand to hand crambrian faces       alol
algol notes rythm accure palces aldibraid  formulae
no-scape mates alcor cooour up-to-day´s date tab
les extraordinary dialogs anal ogous  i            mage
gait wear enumeration annulus axiomatic logos gush
fate for examples organic  s extra volumes spülungs
kraftlös haar vitamin B6 nude vitamin E 3 just write
the fats distance denied thinkings invitational squirm
false starts reel floundations inspect copies of  dred

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