Stefan Krempl on 19 Sep 2000 07:41:11 -0000

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<nettime> remember the kosovo war on this list?

dear nettimers,

not so long ago we were witnessing the the playout of the Kosovo crisis on
this list and we were all bombed with emails while some were bombed with
bombs too.

I guess it's time to reconsider the role this list played during the war. I
for myself am writing on on a thesis about the different view points that
the old media (especially the NYT) and discussion and reporting places on
the Internet took during the conflict.

Therefore I would like to know from you how you feel today about the
discussions here with all the ivograms and gertograms and email diaries we
saw on nettime last year in spring. What do you think this list added to the
normal media reports? Or was it just a mirror of the propaganda blown out by
both war parties? And was nettime typical for other mailing lists and web
forums during that time or did you find other virtual places where you got
more analytical information or where you found more exciting discussions?

Also I can remember that the moderators of this list turned on the
censorship button quite heavily during the war. Maybe I can get some
statements about how many mails were sorted out, and why, without raising a
long debate about censorship in general? Or please correct me if I'm dead
wrong on this subject,

thx for sharing your nettime and thoughts with me,


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