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<nettime> Re: remember the kosovo war on this list?

Stefan Krempl wrote:

> ...... all the ivograms and gertograms and email diaries
>we saw on nettime last year in spring. What do you think
>this list added to the normal media reports? Or was it just
>a mirror of the propaganda blown out by both war parties?

The remarkable and unique thing about the way email, the web and, above
all, mailing lists like nettime functioned during the Nato bombing of
Jugoslavia was the reports (diarys) of the people being bombed.

>Also I can remember that the moderators of this list turned on the
>censorship button quite heavily during the war.

While not always agreeing with Ted - or the moderation policy of the
nettime list - I thought that they did a very good job during the war.
Reducing the mail volume to the level of the readable was a major
achievment - and I didn't detect any "censoring".

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