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Re: <nettime> remember the kosovo war on this list?

A short and aggresive answer:

It is imperative, if you are to conduct academic research, to get the
categories and units of analisis you will be using straight. Your use of
the word "we" and then your use of the word "you" refering to Nettimers
betrayes a lack of real focus on what you are trying to achieve by posting
your e-mail. Maybe it would be usefull for "us" if you answered the
questions you yourself pose before any of us have a go.

Beyond that I must admit your mail confused me, I am not really sure how
long you have been on Nettime but it seems that you have not aprriciated
how amazingly dynamic it is. And this would not be the case if it was not
a moderated list. Moderation is like mediation: it is impossible to avoid,
this is what makes desirable! I do suggest you read some Witgenstein.


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