Dimitri Devyatkin on 20 Sep 2000 19:20:02 -0000

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Re: <nettime> remember the kosovo war on this list?

As a newcomer to Nettime, I didn't see your Kosovo war discussions. May I
ask a few simple questions:

1) Were there any people on Nettime who supported the NATO bombing
campaign? What percent?

2) Did anyone think that Serbian Television was a proper war target and
that bombing it was a correct act? How about the Chinese Embassy?

3) What might have been the nature of any 'censorship' that was carried
out by the editors of Nettime -- from what point of view? (Specifically
what do your critics think you edited out, besides messages +ACI-that
appeared to be written by secret police or others intended to disrupt the
discussion+ACI- ? Did you cut off rabid Serbian supporters?)

Many well-educated, liberal, otherwise gentle, loving people I know
swallowed the NY Times propaganda whole and to this day support the
bombing. It could easily happen again... That's what concerns me.

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