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Re: <nettime> remember the kosovo war on this list?

>1) Were there any people on Nettime who supported the NATO bombing

I thought that the Left was supposed to support national liberation
struggles and oppose fascism! If the American imperialists choose to aid
the oppressed against the oppressors, why should we protest? I loathed the
Stalinist regime in Russia, but was very happy that they gave money and
guns to the ANC...

>2) Did anyone think that Serbian Television was a proper war target and
>that bombing it was a correct act?

Is making propaganda justifying imperialism, apartheid and 'ethnic
cleansing' correct? Is it okay to murder newspaper editors, imprison
journalists, close down opposition media, etc., etc.?

>3) What might have been the nature of any 'censorship' that was carried
>out by the editors of Nettime -- from what point of view?

The most obvious absence on the nettime discussions were the voices of the
Kosovars themselves. Just think for a moment about *why* this might have
been the case...

>Many well-educated, liberal, otherwise gentle, loving people I know
>swallowed the NY Times propaganda whole and to this day support the

Or maybe they've met people who lived through the siege of Sarajevo, had
their relatives murdered by Chetniks, survived being imprisoned in a
concentration camp or were burnt out of their homes? My sister was a
Greenham Common peace protestor in the 1980s who had turned into a NATO
tanks-to-Belgrade hawk by last year.

>It could easily happen again... That's what concerns me.

'Milosevic carries within him a psycho-pathology of war. He is compelled to
seek war. Just as a murderer must kill and a psychopath rape, he must make
war. The West let him wreak destruction for far too long.' -  Bogdan
Bogdanovic, ex-mayor of Belgrade, quoted in the latest issue of 'Bosnia
Report': <>.



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