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Re: <nettime> remember the kosovo war on this list?

> The most obvious absence on the nettime discussions were the voices of the
> Kosovars themselves. Just think for a moment about *why* this might have
> been the case...

well everybody understand that it's a question you don't expect a
response, except a miracle. and I believe dimitri's ones were also such as
this so good one you dare to ask nearly only to yourself. Really I don't
find so much decent the moderators of nettime speaking without specialy
hard implication about censorhip during war and specially for making the
balance sheet. this Balance sheets if it has to exist belong to others.
female esquimo or something. i don't like all this in advance fireback
satisfecit. I don't think it's specially relevant to say 'i loathed the
Stalinist regime in Russia, but was very happy that they gave money and
guns to the ANC' in surch circonstance, as if you know a bit about to surf
on the trick of our world. happy you can cut your losses. you know as me
to say hitler has lost the war because the allied want to halt the final
solution will be a simple revisionism, even if i know it's sometimes moral
to rescue again and again some victorys, i am not so sure nato bombing
belongs to this ones. so of course dimitri has his raisons to say what he

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