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<nettime> Visible Human Project:_Lecien_

              the electronic=brain
It is planetary the ZERO organ state where the insanity of the clone boys,
links hyper to the body of an ant! ANDROID-beat of placenta world me of
love-rep... that converges/God of et cetera!--the crimson body fluid of
loops it...., the cosmic death God device of the murder melody etc. asphalt
of the artificial sun that does it complicated=fruit--vaioHYPE our
soul-machine that [the body fluid disillusionment....body fluid
disillusionment Tyre # suck=blood chromosome rapes VIRUS that is seen/
*It is skizo-graphy of the head line=body of the drug embryo that
surrendered the nightmare of the miracle rape chromosome that disappears an
animal soul-machine digital=android! The gimmick girl who it was done
insanity=drive that becomes the saint of planetary........FIX/lobotomy of a
control external ant. It does heat...., the virtual image/   murder that the
brown nerve absolute zero breakdown small NIHIL clone boys proliferate in
the body fluid..placenta world of the desert of an ADAM doll/was done--I
rape like the cadaver which is........the soul-machine of me in
the emotional breakdown medium=suburbs of this zero where artificial sun was
input lonely a memory ((

  angel mechanism....murder memory-=second....the brain cell that was cut
does the artificial sun/ the insanity law of her retina soul-machine that
was done the TOKAGE junk of an eternal prayer fuck the ANDROID artificial
sleep that escapes the nightmare region, we of the suck=blood chromosome/
who respire era perceive the body of zero........of <<blue sky eleven.---the
storage that was paralyzed....>>
The biotechnology=less=relation,....dogs of the cyber deserts which our
asphalt does the god of the et cetera that operates the vision of a
cold-blooded disease a gene so a murderous memory records the aerofoil.
=cyber montage spermatozoon clone boys do dive! God of et cetera/it is the
Heaven=medium where sun did short to the center of gravity that was about to
break!  Our dog scraps ultra control future so a cadaver like the
ANDROID-city like....the body that ant went mad I conceive--our GIGA organ
y fiber=artificial sun soul-machine that had it easy the enjoyment of a
butterfly/ADAM doll burn up "the chromium of the disillusionment [
ANDROID-air-line they reproduce our grief to
I witness like the artificial sun that our survival-air-line/ clone boys
were eternal cadaver....on the hyper real placenta world....Z
control external desert where the sun/reflein y cold-blooded
disease=animals loop the ADAM doll that accumulates it our sun contaminates
it so the fear that sped up it....the body of junk vital of the
murderous intention..machine=angel of eleven. does cranch!

New gravity....the night when disappeared the digital=vagina of the gimmick
girl that burn up controls our grief brown spot....the paradise where it was
deceived by "gravity....""
....It is the emotion of the zero that controls our machine=angel!?
Artificial sun scans the ADAM doll of a cold-blooded disease........the
digital pupil over there/IDO of  of girl/which it was processed a
transparent brain mask---" I grieve over=hypermedia  drug embryo of
battle=of which was done the junk of a chromosome so=it does G traveling in is over at the time of a machine and the that we=micro murder

      'the radio wave'

Miracle/ cyber dog of 1/8 of which disappeared we are vital so....the
machine=angel who does infinite asphalt LOAD be the cut insect between the
ANDROID-universe out of the terror air-line/ clone boy/body of the nude
gimmick girl central processing unit that does cranch=junk) like the savage
body of the artificial sun....ant that was parasitic. I escape........the
fertilization area/our chloroform............virtual=disillusionment
device/our   B ODY---soul-machine of the electron theory does inplode/ the
lonely air of the machine form wolf XX angel mechanism of the placenta
world/it was input....God of et cetera!....=brain y nano-micro"eternity"
does the melody like the eve.--chromosome,--sleep chat

  sun--the blue sky where inoculates positive be like our soul-machine
As our wolf=space central processing unit....central processing unit....body
that clone boy=was transplanted happy the parasitic murder code terror that
stimulates the reproduction brain of the ADAM doll of the animal zero of a
future cold-blooded disease is hyper it is the voice that the
ANDROID-parasitism=body/IDO/angel was restrained] in order that I really
A machine=angel does the cadaver of the desert circuit/our electron theory
that dampened LOAD....the emotion of the butterfly of the fractal, android
of azure insanity/ space pluggable ADAM doll resuscitate!  Impossible the
control of the human genome/ intermediate fear=molding........yellow 3D of
our zero=nerve~artificial sun does the clone-dive to the nucleus of our
reproduction function

"Our clonical fear accelerates the body of an ant...."
It is null speed LEVEL of the womb area machine that the sleep accelerates.
Death of instantaneous, it is done LOAD....the zero of battle / clone boys
of the gravity of the drug does the cold-blooded
disease that artificial sun was linked hyper with our brain fuck. Her it
collides on the terror happy-horizon of a certain rep... [heart]........ADAM
doll there and the language=cell of ANDROID is is
external the control of vaio! It resuscitates to the wolf=space digital that
recured to the zero of the drXg embryo........1/8 of miracles/ madness of
the sun no requiem-0 of


The language of the brain region/ clone boys of the cold-blooded disease of
the drug embryo that ANDROID of murderous brain/ desert of where it was
controlled measure the eye of the herd digital girl of the cadaver that sped
up is cut!  The grotesque intention, it of the chromosome that were
downloaded be the world which artificial sun medium--CyberBuddha resisted
biotechnology=less. We digest all the valve of the
accelerates it/ control external of the XX womb area machine is eroded like
the cadaver that is in the city=suburbs of the drug embryos where our hyper
link sun surface brain of an artificial ant inoculates asphalt like the
waste material body fluid of our machine=angel=tissue....gimmick
is planetary gradual!      her emotional blue month aerofoil that does and
gelates> the fantastic central processing unit of clone boys <the
different=world was recorded. Our 1/8 of it does heat//the flood
of the sun....

  the infinite murderous intention of asphalt the zero=brain that was done
drive of terror modem circuit//clone boys of the desert converges it is
parasitic on the orange of that cadaver city so!  Mad=weather of the drug
embryo respires era like the existence difficult memory in future...."

      the X

....the melody of rhinoceros piece brain me of the drug embryo that our
machine=angel is jointed to the blue of the sky of blood dyeing erodes it/
techno pop crisis insanity of instantaneous....<the language> that our
vital, orange intention is dismantled is the murder brain leaf of
the gimmick girl that the body of the ant reproduces like the air gun so the
crime of a new species! Suicide system of the software emotional FUCKNAM
virus crime artificial....sun that does the derangement
chromosome........memory love and hatred...." "clone boys of it was done
desire complicatedly planetary/
"Lonely electron calendar of the womb area machine/

"And the change....desire of the style respires era.
"Nerve in the medium-spectacle, the last term of the cyber dog that the
control external sexual body=inside/ speed incubates the murderous intention
of the central processing unit communicate it........

Mental derangement
The brain of the desert is is the rhinoceros bar-space that
artificial sun awoke! Murder memory of the drug embryo that was turned generate heat/the quickening that orange went mad)) the
cyber murderous intention that was born /stiffen our rape=line noise of the
soul-machine that was opened to fractal wolf=space..../gimmick girl of the
brain who it does walk down to zero/ the orange insanity of the replication
medium....chromosome of the zero is amplified like the artificial sun/ADAM
doll that continues to sleep eternally/the interior of the womb of the XX
dog that was controlled resuscitates
It resuscitates....a vision
Suspected vital the control external=nerve target that was
does the puzzle.  The grief=octave of the angel mechanism that our center of
gravity....rep... dog which sun decayed so commit suicide! Rhinoceros
bar-space....we who became full of or male of drug embryo become aware of a
word/ it does the intoxication medium........murderous skin tissue of the
sexual brain XXrep-LOVEXXX artificial sun of ANDROID a memory!
Vagina=molecules that a random gene war, gimmick girl were turned hyper be
real..../ the machine=angel who <second/....ADAM doll does the suck=blood
chromosome in the disappearance just before LOAD the negative=horizon of the
drug-I--cold-blooded disease animals of the sun that eternal "was

          earth of the lapse of memory/
A dog laughs/inside the future when the drug embryo was cut--the artificial
sun that thinks about was replicated the noise that called <at present> the
heart of the second mechanism corrodes our orange in time, to the storage of
the hyper real air that does it!--the ADAM doll that was jointed does does like that dog which lost the azure fabrication, intensity
of the sex=machine/SAVE/our monochrome heart grief brown spot respires and I
pour it to the asphalt>> of negative-emotion that <<dashes this pure crash is the gradual dismantlement--nerve=future of our techno pop
wolf=space, happiness....the pure white body=mode of TOKAGE that was
charmed!?  Zero-level of the soul-machine where the eve.-chromosome notifies
the grief that became our line........external asphalt so the control of the
over there=nano machine of the artificial sun that conceives/ of the y
cold-blooded disease animals which the retina records the despair of the
angel mechanism of a dog on fractal the room where goes up....we who do the
murder=gray body of the ant that was done horizon//memory of the brain of
the cadaver city that does the hyper real desire of the atmosphere short
scribe went mad suspected vital/ 'judo'''parasitism'''''---
Our important miracle.
       it respires record the brain that shoots and ANDROID did
spirits like the deoxyribonucleic acid channel of the ant that was jointed
the gene war=spectrum=....<second>....!?  The grief of the brain--angel
mechanism of the desert of the machine=angel is incubated....[heart], that
was recorded like our rep... inoculates the murder memory of asphalt the
broken=letter future of instantaneous, ADAM doll of the death when was
linked hyper so true was done to universe period=that resuscitates the junk
of the artificial sun that is parasitic!  Loop-line of the soul-machine that

I think about........>> the cyber of the dog that instantaneous....we of
ruin rape the brain pure machine=angel of an ADAM doll desert y like the
sex=machine that fell into the limit condition where continues to think
about zero crime ANDROID of//battle of the brain of the breakdown/ drug
embryo of the terrorism....sleep of the solitude that the aerofoil linked to
the artificial sun the transplantation level which is infectious

Future resuscitates

The free....suck=blood chromosome of the pupil that was done our insanity/
memory risks the density of the sun and inhabit!  Jelly form fear! TOKAGE
pattern of the soul-machine that transfers it codes it/the millennium cranium of the brain, drug
embryo in the future that were done the digital=vampare
transplants it to road of the body fluid vacuum cadaver city that our
consciousness reaches to requiem-0 of an ADAM doll in no time..     the
lobotomy=dog which got deranged the sun of the larva does noise....the
octave of the y death that the level of the restraint of an ADAM doll
accelerates is leapt it is like the junk-machine that the suck=blood
chromosome was collected so confusedly!  Gradual machine=angel of the freeze
who ruins....
Murder artery you that sensor order/ human genome was controlled hyper zero
gravity disturbs a nonexistent nude meaning even such sleep that does not
pass to the coefficient of an ADAM doll and laugh........our rape' the
rhinoceros of instantaneous/ drug embryo which miracle/ insanity was
compressed the eye that has it beats....

    a machine=angel/our fuck-horizon........brain suffers from the lonely
universe!  The miracle of the body and drug embryo of a medium=ant are
digested--it is the murder stage of LEVEL8.  God of the et cetera that the
suicide machine of clone boys was done the terror happy digital-vampof the
vital body that shut down in the over there of the chromosome where our
ANDROID respires the sun just as desire so!....<the nucleus> is
transferred...."the nightmare of the chloroform aerofoil/ the future of the
ADAM doll when is recorded and was break down

  ANDROID dashes it....the cruel brain y zero of the
machine=angel that was done the sun/ LOAD of the storage loss is made infant
of)--it is the rhythm of murder of the drug embryo that disappeared
sex=machine........LEVEL of the solitude that does it dive to the mental
induction/ nude pupil of a virus.....derangement speed  SLEEPSLEEPSLEE of
the soul-machine that gelated the zero gravity-miracle of the ant that was jointed!  Vacant life that was processed our mask

          it is like a machine=angel.
  it does infinite grief LOAD/an azure chromosome....
          it resuscitates
  machine=angel of
    lonely zone STOPME of the cyber mechanism of the drug embryo that only
our body echoes merely boundless storage!
Dog of me
  me of high speed-disillusionment osmosis me of high speed-disillusionment
osmosis me of high speed-disillusionment osmosis me of high
speed-disillusionment osmosis me of high speed-disillusionment osmosis me of
high speed-disillusionment osmosis electron=inside=fantasy me of high
speed-disillusionment osmosis me of high speed-disillusionment osmosis--"our
machine=angel do LOAD....
      melody of brain target planetary/inorganic substance murder of
  the deoxyribonucleic acid channel that was controlled, like the ADAM
doll--nano machine that is suffocated.
  pain storage done!  ANDROID XXX suicide system [
    it does dive to the miracle of the sun

      it does the game
The digital confession of the artificial sun that I record with the aerofoil
that disappeared so.  The sun ADAM doll of the basement that the storage of
the cyber fertilization net-murder that evolves to the nightmares of 0880
amniotic fluid mechanisms that trips to the hyper=real body of an ant
proliferate the infinite dogs/our drug-I which be dismantled obtains with
<the asphalt=interior of the womb of existence difficult> and respire!  The
inorganic substance aerofoil of the trap machine=angel is the
cold-blooded disease=world!? Of desert placenta of the that
intertwined is copied///I am killed randomly

Quickening X  future is born
  it the far intoxication/suck=blood chromosome-medium of
our brain artificial sun that speeds up junk reproduction XXX of a grotesque
mental machinary=reaction soul-machine cheerful crime mode, of the despair
machine....drug embryo that faced to the sun of clone boys the saint of the
cold-blooded disease animals that is flooded....1 which become/8
storage/valve break! ....000 mysteries generate heat....the chloroform
machine=angel/future joint @ <children> who micro dogs
IDO-head_distractive........placenta world disappeared our bright season
grief-angel-plasma of the end, chromosome of y zero gravity--that I record
respire zero..a pure devil

          ....machine=angel of
I invade the sun of the escape circuit/ clone boys!  It does the
air-line....junk that asphalt of desire ADAM doll was opened
infinitely....machinary-intoxication........herd....fractal....ruin me pupil
simulating of the gradual insanity, artificial ant of the IDO chromosome
that tempt it lonely/requiem-0 of lead color the tragedy level-zero that
yADAM doll went mad placenta world notified! God of the season/ et
cetera of a cold-blooded disease animal   ..wolf=space, deoxyribonucleic
acid channel..'SEXMACHINE/the storage done murder=synapse=artificial
Our paradise despairs.
Solitude of the murder memory-....frigidity of the blue sky is congested
with the chromosome input-cold-blooded disease animal that was loved like
the rep... of the insanity clone boys of the machine mechanism it is there
right away now

Aerofoil that the disappearance vagina of a gimmick girl was
recorded....think about/ I die/the brain universe/ mental cyber derangement
paradigm that the drug embryo beats....CONTROL-[G] that was cut....cyber
dogs of which generate heat--our machine=angel does heat........
Machine mechanism of lonely........
....the drug embryo who projects the machinary-murderous intention of the
artificial sun so does the body of the mental area/ ant that decayed LOAD,
chaos=machine that was fertilized

Requiem-0 that melt-the cranch-..gimmick girl who decreases did our
pituitary "the eternity" of upside-down of cyber attraction storage
resuscitation murder of rep...[heart] iteration ANDROID of suicide system
DEVIL that ruined short........machine=angel joint reflein........the body
of the head line gene war/ ants like the air of the horizon mad=fruit clone
boys of our psychic artery chromosome that the murder memory of the sun burn
up so be the soul-machine that resisted! It is the storage of the aerofoil
language indeterminacy of the quantum theory of SLEEP of God-body........ant
of the acceleration........LOAD/cadaver city to escape from artificial sun
FUCKNAM infinity!  Switch!  The miracle that was dismantled the original
form of our genome.  Of ADAM doll the brain that becomes unknown is

      erased! God of et cetera

          cold-blooded disease animals y that crashes
Death God/our ANDROID-....suck=blood chromosome of the sending
impossible....asphalt of the planetary....desire of an ant imprisons the
sun.  Pupil of the nerve/dog of the cyber desert that this artificial
battle, drug embryo of the cadaver city of which link hyper to the brain
cell....artificial sun in the brain cell that restrains the brain universe
software of the millennium genital organs....cyber dogs was input violent be
happy is regenerated........the aerofoil of CHANGE/TOKAGE that gradually
generate heat/
Our murder memory is worn out and
Season when it was cut........
Disillusionment=of the escape circuit of the ADAM doll that was tied=it is a
new molecule!
Drug embryo of/ it is the wild fancy-GIGA body that was canceled.....1 which
the electron that I was brainwashed smile/the cadavers of 8 of God....our
parasitism=syndrome accelerates it to hyper real desire so.  "!  " Hatred
quantum, grief=space, our sun type of the future that the hyper memory high
speed of the happy vision....central processing unit-external
wolf=space/murder and real existence of the womb area machine do our
nerve....suspected vital....clone=dive of tragedy LEVEL0 of the sun of the
angel mechanism that respires think about the inorganic substance "the
gravity" of asphalt and....the art ruin of the by sexual wolf=space of the
brain clone boys in rep... [heart]/ vital....
Measure the null region of lonely masses of flesh, murder memories!
Like a machine=angel....we think about and be controlled........
Body of the derangement-synapse of the gene that crowds like murder
fabrication//the sun of the beat....ADAM doll of this desire mechanism zone
desert of it annihilated our black quickening burn up at night/ ....we=brain
It does the cadaver city the breast womb....secret
  the placenta in the future that the digital=vamp=season artificial sun of
the desert suck=blood chromosome of the thyroid that we sew sexual null of
the love that does the mass of flesh of lonely murder a memory on the body
of the eye spherical condition of an artificial ant ill-treat! Our
Level0....<the parasitism-channels> of the suspected vital....soul-machines
of cold-blooded disease animals is worn out........the disillusionment of
the political surveillance system/ TOKAGE of the machine=angel that caused a
memory committed suicide the gimmick girl who does clone=dive COSMOS....null
that dashes it the computation of the soul-machine that I have a foreboding
instantaneous <parasitism that set/ cadaver city was eroded-> of
consciousness=drive is accelerated........

copyright  2000 by Kenji Siratori

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