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<nettime> secret documents on US nuclear force in the Netherlands published

Amsterdam, 4 October 2000

Welcome to contrast.org

situated in the Home of the Free

We welcome both cadidates, Al Gore and G.W. Bush to inspect  

At this site they will be able to read how the US nuclear force is abusing=
Dutch territory to deter unknown enemies, whilst putting the lives of 
surrounding inhabitants at risk. 

Read all about it in:

752 MUNSS/LGWR  Maintenance Support

"Past Inspection Reports"

LGWR SSgt Shelton


Some highlights from the published inspection reports:

Personnel  is not always qualified. One of them was found to be 
(medicinally) drugged, which made him liable to cause severe damage to 
a weapons system.

One of the "lessons" drawn is  that inadequate implementation of 
instructions led to near accidents. A Weapon Loading crew was 
conducting a loading operation when they failed to closely follow the 
specific technical data. A weapon was subsequently incorrectly hung 
and later fell on the runway, cracking the case.

"This accident could have had international repercussions. We were 


Personnel is being informed of the augmented risk of cancer as a result of
handling nuclear weapons. Female personnel are told to report 
immediately when they are pregnant, to avoid damage to the unborn.


"No bombs, but bread", was the slogan that Mr.Kok yelled years ago. At
that time, Mr Kok was the president of the biggest Dutch Federation of 
Trade Unions (FNV). Now he is the Dutch prime-Minister http://www.minaz.nl 

We believe that it is vital to publish these documents given the fact that
the Dutch governement has persistently refused to answer parliamentary 
questions about the presence of nuclear weapons on the Dutch air force 
base Volkel.

Kind regards


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Onkruit vergaat niet!


for more details on the

NAVO Nucleair Arms on Dutch territory

and the Volkel Papers, 

contact our specialist in the field

Karel Koster, K.Koster@inter.nl.net

++ 31-30- 2722594
++ 31-30- 2714376

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