Amy Alexander on 28 Oct 2000 03:55:01 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Microsoft theft

David Mandl wrote:

> >From today's Wall Street Journal:
> "Microsoft and U.S. authorities are probing a computer break-in at the
> company's headquarters by hackers believed to have stolen blueprints
> of its most valuable software programs."

You mean - the trade secret of how they get that little paper clip to
jump up so quickly after he flattens himself out is blown???

> I think this should be treated not as a case of theft but as a serious
> terrorist threat akin to stealing plutonium from a nuclear-weapons
> facility.  The greatest danger is that someone will incorporate this
> code into the world's otherwise healthy software and the disease will
> spread out of control.

The second greatest danger is of course that the hackers will fix all the
bugs, thus making MS software stable, putting Symantec out of business,
having unprecedented effects on the NASDAQ, and eventually sending the
world's economy spiralling out of control.

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