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<nettime> To The ViceDirector General of the City of Rome

This message is in solidarity with campaign against the censorship of 
DollYoko by the  ViceDirector General of the City of Rome.

To The ViceDirector General of the City of Rome,

Dear Mr Mariella Gramaglia

This letter is in respect of the offensive, shamefulness and communal 
Morals of good Social Behaviour. I would like to portray to you, sir, 
the Disturbance with which you have encumbered my day.

As I was strolling through Tesco's and Wallmart's looking for a 
buy-two-get-one-free offer, I was busy wrestling with the malignant 
demon Isralium, formed by the image of Auschwitz, that is today 
battling with the 117 spirits of Rockthrow who make up the Angel of 
PLO resistance. Isralium and Rockthrow, these twin brothers manifest, 
born from the ballroom of the Second World War, where the Death of 
the American Indians danced joyfully with the Dying  Germanic Spirit 
and consumated their Marriage with the birth of these twin baby boys.

Anyway sir, as I got back in my Datsun Cherry and signed on, I could 
not help but notice the exquisite formal splendour of the UK's Social 
Security Computer Systems or the US's IRS System: the complexity of 
Fields of Strings and Numerical Parameters being processed and 
returned, processed and returned, over and over again endlessly 
compiling data, culminating in Payment, Bill or Transcript.  It has 
to be this Beautiful, I thought, or how else could it perform so much 

Ecstasy was the Worth of my day, and with this I walked home 
contented, holding the Hand of Christ. It is He, sir, who told me 
through tears of Woe of the abhorrent treatment you have dispensed to 
Francesca Da Rimini's website Dollyoko and, with this Abortion of 
Principle, I beheld a Vision of her noble Virginia as I passed the 
rest of day with the HIV-riddled prostitutes and rent boys at 
London's Kings Cross.

It is, sir, from this humblest of lives and at Christ's Behest that I 
beg you. Stop feeding the spirits of your own Paedophilium  and allow 
yourself back into the folds of Christ's Nightgown.  Fiddle with his 
Bodily Sensation while studying these woodblocks afresh. Having blown 
the Nose of your Manhood, you will soon realise that it was, after 
all, just an insignificant Frustration; an Ache Unfulfill'd in the 
pocket hanky of Life.

Let us then, together, forget this Crumpled Tissue and, calm and 
satisfied, return to our Muse of the exquisite formal splendour of 
Social Security Systems. And allow me once again to continue my 
battle with Isralium and Rockthrow on the special offer shelves of 
Tesco's and Wallmart's own brands.

Yours Sincerely

William Blake

http://www.romacivica.net/thething (censored)
http://www.ecn.org/thingnet (uncensored)

William Blake

The Institute for Post Predictive Computing

<Perl Programmer>:<Sometimes Visionary>


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