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<nettime> How Sustainable Computing Consortium (SCC)


Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, NASA and others have teamed up with
Carnegie Mellon University to make software more reliable, secure and less
buggy.The Sustainable Computing Consortium (SCC) brings together academic
researchers, government agencies, technology companies, and businesses that
use software. Funded with an initial $30 million, the group aims to create
effective business practices for creating software--and tools that can test
its dependability and security. "Our standards have inappropriately been
lowered by our daily experience," under-stated Ken Jacobs, Oracle's vice
president of product strategy, at the launch."We have to bring software
engineering the kind of maturity we have in building bridges and
buildings.We don't expect buildings to fall down every day." This is true -
but it might be worth it if the people responsible for MSWord were inside
at the time.

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