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Re: <nettime> building emotional machines

is it only a small gap beetween feeling 'émotion' and satifying a poor
need by an heap of screwbolt to which we are free to say 'thank you', i
try to imagine what the guy sade could think of such 'merely' a friend
unreachable of any endless cruelty, poor sade..yes a friend far more
perfect than a true one with which you could have only buggering emotional
deal for having a fucking beer or two, or i imagine the worst : i could
program this merely slut emotional machine in order it could reply 'thank
you' when i call it 'dirty bitch'..tzz we cant get no zatizfaction..ha
bordel,. if my memory is good it's in the intro in the old 'the thing'
movie, when the guy break a simple check machine cause it has unctuous
excuse programming words when it wins, another robota's words were the
famous 'i am afraid' in 2001..but yes, it was a 'rebel' robota, a fucking
emotional spartacus good for crucifying..if robota would be no more a
'tireless dead worker' then sade, there, would be back, who has cash for
r&d in such total product that will at last procede some dark force ? is
there electric capitalist wiz electric bollocks or not at all at last on
this earthz? tzz that sound as this first part of IA movie or remember the
wonderfull character of toys torturer in the first toy story..steal from a
richard matheson's character beside, a writer of the so long genealogy
(plury millenium) of those who said 'at the beginning is the emotion'..a
fight firstly against plato and his scorn of body. yes befor the natural
born full of shit in his diaper dominant being which would be 'detected'
by a machine, in first, yes his own being by a machine, look : 100 test
'full of shit diaper' 110 if 'full of shit diaper' = true then 120 120
human being, say 'yes master' ..descartez & azimov aux chiottez

> Building emotional machines

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