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<nettime> The NTK/Mute Festival Of Inappropriate Technology

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Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 14:24:51 +0100
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From: Dave Green <tips@spesh.com>
Subject: MiniNTK, 2002-06-07

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    [ So, at last: the Gathering begins. But before it does
    *somebody* has to cut all the crusts off the sandwiches. That
    somebody is us. While we run insanely around trying to track
    down four-way adaptors, Pringles canisters, stockpiles of
    Cipro, additional branches of the Dyson family, and enough cola
    to cause an army of sloths to (successfully) invade Columbia,
    we'll leave you this timetable for XCOM 2002. If you never hear
    from us again, consider this our final will and testament. And
    do come. We can't predict what will happen, but we'll say this:
    these days you can't get this much chaos for three quid outside
    Chechnya. ]

    It's a technology trade show with a difference...

                                   ...a medieval version of eBay

    ...a summer festival for those of us whose idea of a good time
    is sitting indoors hunched over a PC with the curtains drawn.

                          EXTREME COMPUTING

            The NTK/Mute Festival Of Inappropriate Technology

                   11am-7pm, Sunday June 9th 2002
         The Camden Centre, London (opposite Kings Cross station)

                  and it's all only THREE POUNDS to get in.

    (Lineup may be subject to alteration, cybernetic or otherwise.)

    (...and don't get us started on the exhibitors - MAME cabinets,
    wireless networking workshops, Meet The Register/TVGoHome etc -
    full list now at:
                                 http://www.xcom2002.com/stalls.php )

    11am-11.50am: Attention Deficit Cinema
    - take a seat and make yourself (un)comfortable with these all-
    too-brief screenings and snippets presented by TV's Ben Moor.

    11.55am-noon: Keynote
    - "Sex Dummy": a startling view of how the future used to look,
    presented by 1980s electropop icon Gary Le Strange.

    12noon-12.50pm: Salute to 20 Years Of The ZX Spectrum,
     Nigel Alderton, author of the original "Chuckie Egg"*
     John Hollis, author of "Meteor Storm" and "Time Gate"
     Sandy White, author of "3D Ant Attack"
     Paul Holmes, author of the Spectrum versions of "Wild West
       Hero", "Robotron" and "Machine Code Made Easy, Volume Two"
    plus Building Your Own From Readily Available Parts and
    adopting and importing an Eastern European clone
    Hosted by: ZDNet raconteur (and Spectrum 128 ROM programmer)
    Rupert Goodwins.

    1pm-1.20pm: Circuit Bending with John "Meteor Storm" Hollis
    Mr Hollis remains on stage for an introduction to the art of
    getting amazing new sounds from battery-powered electronic
    musical instruments, also known as "Circuit bending". Learn to
    tell the difference between a simple R/C timer and a ceramic
    resonator clock, among other useful skills. Features live
    demonstrations and voided warranties galore.

    1.30pm-1.50pm: Paul Granjon, Z Lab
    Just to prove we're not completely obsessed with the Spectrum,
    BBC Micro-using artifical life artist Paul Granjon describes
    just some of his astonishing creations, hopefully including
    "The cybernetic parrot sausage", "The fluffy tamagotchi", plus
    robotHead and dog robot Toutou.

    2pm-3pm: When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact - And Then
    Becomes Science Fiction Again
    - top authors discuss the interface between real-world research
    and popular sci-fi, featuring Tom Standage on the 18th century
    chess-playing "automaton" which inspired Charles Babbage to
    build a real computer, and George and Freeman Dyson on the
    top-secret 1950s project to find a peaceful use for US nuclear
    weapons - propelling a 40-man spacecraft to the moons of Saturn.
    Introduced by: cyberpunk author Pat Cadigan.

    3pm-3.30pm: Break and "lightning presentations"

    3.30pm: Extreme Raffle draw.

    3.35pm-4.20pm: In Defence of Weblogs - grassroots content
    management systems of the future, or just a load of self-
    obsessed secret diaries of Adrian Mole?
     Neil McIntosh, Deputy Editor, Guardian Online
     Ben Hammersley, the Gbloogle [sic] search engine
     Tom Coates, winner, Best European Weblog 2002

    4.30pm-5.20pm: The Gagpipe Debate: "The greater the money, the
    less the funny?"
    - is it possible to make money out of online comedy sites, and
    are there any pitfalls of doing so? Charlie Brooker of TV Go
    Home, Paul Carr of The Friday Thing, and Lester and Kieren of
    The Rockall Times discuss their experiences in the field, with
    "contributions" of some kind from Idiotica.co.uk, TV Cream,
    Henry Raddick, Disappointment.com, Herd Of Sheep, NoiseMonkey
    Dotcock, and Tachyon TV.
    Chaired by: Drew Cullen, The Register.

    5.30pm-6pm: Break and "lightning presentations"

    6pm-7pm: "A little less conversation, a little more action: How
    you can help preserve fair-use rights in digital media"
    The DMCA. The EUCD. The CBDTPA. Why they are bad and what you
    can do about them. Featuring:
     Cory Doctorow, EFF
     The Campaign for Digital Rights
     The Dorkbot London 12v orchestra
    Hosted by Dave Green and Dan O'Brien, NTK.

    Obviously these won't take up the full 8-hour duration of the
    event - gaps will be filled by Perl-conference-style "lightning
    presentations" from anyone who wants to do a few minutes on any
    relevant subject (eg: people who've got stalls explaining what
    they're doing, for a start).

    Fancy a more "intimate" discussion with some of the speakers (or
    just want to see the EFF's Cory Doctorow in two places at the
    same time)? Then we firmly advise you to "Take It Outside":

    The venue is The Camden Centre just across the road from
    London's Kings Cross station (and, confusingly, nowhere near
    Camden). There are some parking spaces nearby but they might go
    fairly quickly, so it's easier to get there by tube or train
    (unless you've got lots to carry, obviously). There's a bit
    more information about the venue (and a map) at:

    Plenty of cash - exhibitors might not accept credit cards

    A carrier bag - the geekiest one wins a (small) prize

    A supermarket loyalty card, if you want to swap - more info at:

    A pen - as at previous NTK events, you'll be encouraged to wear
    your domain (the bit after the @ in your email address) on a
    sticker, so people can try and guess who you are

    Any interesting retro gadget - to be valued by our Antiques
    Geekshow (NTK stand, 12noon-3pm - probably best to stick with
    items you can easily carry on your person, as there aren't
    any lockers or anything; it's not a swimming pool...)

    Any (working) technology you'd like to sell - via our
    experimental "bring and buy" stall. Though, once again, please
    be sensible about what you bring (or buy, for that matter)

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