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<nettime> Out Now: Battling Big Business - ed. by Eveline Lubbers

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Countering greenwash, front groups and other forms of corporate deception

Edited by Eveline Lubbers

For the contents, the introduction and ordering information see

Losing control in the media arena as a result of activist pressure has
become a public relations nightmare for the modern multinational
enterprise. Shell's Brent Spar fiasco is one well-known example, when the
Greenpeace campaign against sinking that former drill platform achieved
its goals.

Monsanto's gross underestimation of the European resistance against the
introduction of genetically engineered products is another. Today, as more
companies shift to being all about brand meaning and image, the more
vulnerable they are to attacks on that image. At the same time,
corporations are becoming as powerful as governments. Battling Big
Business reveals how corporate giants attempt to control their "enemies"
and how groups and individuals can fight back.

Part One of this book analyses a wide range of corporate
counter-strategies, varying from relatively innocent PR measures to
complete intelligence operations.  Part Two offers tactical tools to help
activists and concerned citizens to recognise manipulative strategies, and
shows how they may be countered by a variety of techniques which use the
power of creativity and the new media tools available. The keywords are
being original, playful, unexpected, small, fast, irresistible, but also
decisive, clear--and unstoppable!

----From the Foreword by Naomi Klein:

"Battling Big Business exposes a spirit of intolerance coursing through
the corporate world:  intolerance of criticism and dissent, as well as a
deep aversion to public scrutiny and accountability...All around us
freedoms are being taken lightly and power is being exercised with a heavy
hand. If there was ever a moment to insist on the right to vigorously
challenge authority, it is now. If there was ever a book to help us do it,
this is it."

greetings from Amsterdam
evelin lubbers

Ordering information:

Green Books 
234 x 156mm 
ISBN 1-903998-14-X 

Common Courage Press
$ 17,95
ISBN 1-56751-224-0

Scribe Publications
Autumn 2002

Readers and booksellers in the Netherlands
can order the UK version via:
buro Jansen & Janssen
tel. 020-6123202

De Nederlandse vertaling komt in oktober 2002 uit bij:
Uitgeverij Fagel
tel: 020-66761928
(http://www.fagel.nl/onder contructie)

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