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Re: <nettime> EboneKPNQwest going down at 5pm today! [Beaubien, enbyoire e]

   Re: <nettime> EboneKPNQwest going down at 5pm today!                            
     Beatrice Beaubien <>                                               

   Re: <nettime> EboneKPNQwest won't be down at 5pm today!                         
     "enbyoire e" <>                                             


Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 23:37:04 -0400
From: Beatrice Beaubien <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> EboneKPNQwest going down at 5pm today!

Hello Felix,

How are you?

On Saturday, June 15, 2002, at 10:20  AM, Felix Stalder wrote:
> But there is another question here, closer to nettime. Why does this 
> event
> matter? My suspicion is that it doesn't matter all, to most of us. The
> company went bankrupt because of overcapacities. In other words, they 
> were
> sitting on a network that nobody used.


Your insouciant take is odd.

KPNQwest is a major European backbone provider. Their problems severely 
affect a large proportion of corporate and individual net users in 
Northern Europe, and will be a dress rehearsal for larger 
Telecom/Backbone financial meltdowns in Europe and North America.

The impact of this will be felt for a long time. In the short term it 
will result in higher charges for net access in Europe.



Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 12:25:36 +0200
From: "enbyoire e" <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> EboneKPNQwest won't be down at 5pm today!

Well- it does matter! Even if there have been overcapacities, there was 
"some!" routing trough the cables of KPNQWest/Ebone. I've heard of a 
capacity of 80+ Terabits of possible transfers trough their net- if only 5 
Terabits were used(for example), it is sure an overcapacity- but to stop 
that net now, it would mean that 5 Terabits must get routed trough the nets 
of other companies. The question for reprogramming all those routers is: 
Where does KPNQWests/Ebones "net" begin, where does it end?

And a second thought:
They've served not only thousands of B2B-customers like small/medium ISP's 
and Webhosting/Housing-Providers, but also ten-thousands of B2Endcustomer 
like companies and SOHO. Those big enough to have lines from 2 different 
ISP's are the lucky ones now(if at least one of them doesn't rely on 
KPNQWests backbone), the others rush to find an alternative from 
KPNQWest/Ebone (or hope that a solution will be found). Somewhere I've read 
the following from an ISP "usually, we've had 5-10 requests for a big new 
line per month- now this number increased to 100+". Sure these dealings, 
coordination with local telco and installations all will take their time, 
2-3 weeks for a complete migration in normal times are ok, at the moment, 
4-6 weeks are fast...

But also: All these assumptions of "what will happen" are useless as long as 
they find new investors every other week ;-)


>[There's nothing without politics and these ones seems rather unusual. The
>threat to shut down the network came from the employees, who understood

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