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Re: <nettime> where has all the bandwith gone?

> were inspired by a immature or at least incomplete intellectual culture
> and not by social needs. the broadband future was mostly described

Aside, there is no such thing as "social needs" - that is the phrase used
to justify whatever needs to be justified at the moment (to paraphrase
famous propagandist, "when I hear 'social needs' I go for my gun").

The issue with bandwidth is really simple. There is no content (outside
movie industry) to justify it. Average user has nothing to offer to
average user. Zilch. Zero. Average user is a dumb empty nitwit that may be
able to create 0.5-1 kilobytes of original material per day. And outside
his own house he can't really force his family videos onto anyone. The
only other possible use would be videoconferencing, and guess what -
people don't really like to videoconference.

So almost all P2P bandwidth today is used for re-distribution of
commercial stuff or material made high-value by government intervention
("illegal"). Assuming that someone will find interest in making this
cheaper in today's global juristiction is plain silly.

> in scenarios resembling the techno-futurism beginning in the
> 50ies, with fully automatic homes, and a user experience directly
> inspired by the narratives arround extraterrestial space colonialisation.

As opposed to some "natural" societal evolution ? Bullshit. Masses were
always and always will be buying dreams.

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