Andreas Broeckmann on Fri, 21 Jun 2002 04:22:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> where has all the bandwith gone?


it is good that you raise the issue again.

>it is one thing to make a "we want bandwidth" campaign
>sucessful, it is another to find 'open' ways to
>distribute and allocate available public bandwidth
>usefully once you got a lot of it from your local
>cultural authority... so far institutions of
>media culture do not see their role in the tradition
>of a project like  maybe that can
>be changed?

not entirely true. some of the dutch institutes connected to the Virtual
platform ( - including De Waag in amsterdam and V2_
in rotterdam - have only just been connected to the academic broadband
network after *5 (five)* years of discussion - and this was for nationally
acclaimed institutions with a clear research record. it is their goal to
use this coonectivity as a foot-in-the-door also for other cultural
projects and not-for-profit content providers, but i doubt whether this
will happen very quickly.

needless to say, even with such a slow development the NL are once again
way ahead of other countries. in germany it is an interesting discussion
whether the government-funded platform '' should not be
used for the kinds of projects that you have in mind. where, if not there?
why not there?

best regards,

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