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Re: <nettime> where has all the bandwith gone?

>it is one thing to make a "we want bandwidth" campaign
>sucessful, it is another to find 'open' ways to
>distribute and allocate available public bandwidth

I doubt that "public bandwidth" exists at all.

Bits travel over wires and then switches and routers. Someone made those things
and pays for maintenance. The infrastructure is not public by any strech of

Huge money is made on taxing and licensing moving bits. There is nothing
"public" about it. The money is shared between the local force monopoly (state)
and the carrier. You just pay. Neither entity gives a fuck for providing you
with more bandwidth if there is no incentive for them behind it.

>usefully once you got a lot of it from your local
>cultural authority... so far institutions of

I shudder at the mere thought of local cultural authorities.

Sometimes US of A seems so healthy.

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