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   P a s s D o C  art  project (eng - ita)                                         
     "ph2oartecuneo free space for art" <>                  

   "art.bit collection" at ICC                                                     
     yukiko shikata <>                                         

   Break21 - 6. International Festival of Young Emerging Artists                   
     jaka zeleznikar <>                                                 

   howard zinn/tonight                                                             
     "iara lee / caipirinha" <>                                

   World Refugee Week Webcast                                                      
     "roya.jakoby" <>                                               

   [transmediale] transmediale.03 - play global! - Call for proposals (English vers
     transmediale <>                                             

   against sweatshops                                                              
     "iara lee / caipirinha" <>                                

     stanza <>                                                     

     "ph2o arte" <>                                              

   CAE at the New Museum                                                           

   The New York City 1960's Scene, by Ira Schneider                                
     manuel <>                                                   


Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 05:46:29 +0000
From: "ph2oartecuneo free space for art" <>
Subject: P a s s D o C  art  project (eng - ita) 

P a s s D o C  art  project

viaggi, travell, voyages, viajar, reisen  -  incontri, meet , rencontres, 
encontrar, Treffen  -  tasselli,  tax, cheville, tesela, Dübel  -  cielo, 
sky, ciel, cielo, Handhimmel  -  origami  -  riflessi, reflex, reflets, 
reflejo, Spiegelung  -  vento, wind, ven, viento, wind,  -  disegni, 
drawing, dessin, dibujo, Zeichnungen  -  luce, light, feux, luz, Licht  -  
acqua, water, eau, agua, wasser  -  colori, couleur, colors, colores, Farbe


Title: PassDoC   meeting around the world.
Works of Domenico Olivero.
Place and opening day: 25/07/02  21,00 - 23,00 c/o Atelier Keller Neumann 
Strasse 75 (U-Bahn Vinetastr.) –  Berlin (Germany).  Evening with 
performance, free entrance.
Time table: 25-26-27-28/07/2002    16,00  -  20,00

Second rendezvous for the PassDoc project, now in Berlin c/o Atelier Keller 
in Neumann Strasse 75, place for installation and conference. This project 
searches the comparison, meetings to perform a newsgroup’s opera, free for 
all.  The cycle Meet (installation and conference) will be a place to 
dialogue and discussion. Next year this project will be moved to a new and 
particular art-website.

Meet1 Barcelona 25-29/04/02  -  Meet2 Berlin 25-28/07/02  -  Meet3 Mexico 
City 12-15/09/02  -  Meet4  in the web 03-06/01/03.

Carge of: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti ).
address: PassDoC project Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo Italy - 39-328.2159521 -
PassDoC is  a  self-management project  for  Arts.
With the support of +XARTE (Fondazione per l'arte contemporanea) Elva 
- -Italia.

Thanks for your attention and best regards.


Titolo: PassDoC incontri attraverso il mondo,
Opere e installazione di Domenico Olivero.
Luogo e giorno d inaugurazione: 25/07/02  21,00 - 23,00 c/o Atelier Keller 
Neumann Strasse 75 (U-Bahn Vinetastr.) –  Berlin (Germany). Serata con 
performance, ingresso libero.
Orario apertura: 25-26-27-28/07/2002    16,00  -  20,00

Meet1 Barcelona 25-29/04/02  -  Meet2 Berlin 25-28/07/02  -  Meet3 Cittŕ del 
Messico 12-15/09/02  -  Meet4  nel web 03-06/01/03.

Secondo appuntamento col progetto PassDoc, serie di Meet, ora a Berlino 
presso l’Atelier Keller in Neumann Strasse 75, accogliente spazio dove č 
stata realizzata l’installazione e dove avranno corso i momenti di 
conferenze, incontri, proposte che daranno forma alla realizzazione ad 
un'opera web che prenderŕ forma alla fine del 2002 e crescerŕ in futuri 
incontri reali e virtutali.

Responsabili del progetto: D o C     (Domenico  Olivero & Ornella Calvetti 
Indirizzo: PassDoC project Corso Nizza 22 12100 Cuneo Italy - 39-328.2159521 
- -
PassDoC č un  progetto autogestito per l arte contemporanea.
Col supporto di +XARTE (Fondazione per l'arte contemporanea) Elva -Italia.

Ringraziamo per la vostra attenzione e porgiamo cordiali saluti.

Conversa in chat con gli amici in linea, prova MSN Messenger:


Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 00:58:57 +0900
From: yukiko shikata <>
Subject: "art.bit collection" at ICC

"art.bit collection"

Date: June 21 (Fri) - August 11 (Sun), 2002  10:00am-6:00pm
          closed: Mondays, August 4 (Sun)
Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Gallery A, B
Address: Tokyo Opera City Tower 4F,
              3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1404 Japan

URL for this exhibition:

Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

Curator: FUJIHATA Masaki (Media Artist / Professor, Tokyo National
  University of Fine Arts and Music) and ETO Kouichirou (Media Artist /
  Researcher, International Media Research Foundation)

Curatorial Support: SHIKATA Yukiko (Curator / Professor-in-special-
   contract, Tokyo Zokei University)

Cooperation: International Media Research Foundation / Department of
  Inter Media Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

- ---

on "Art.Bit Collection"

In the art world, a work of art is called an "art piece." The word "
piece" designates a thing that actually exists, but since software
creations exist only as binary data, calling them an "art piece" doesn't
suit well. Substituting "bit" for "piece," we have decided to call such
a work an "art bit."

In the case of software, which is used as a medium, material, tool,
and environment for art, it is necessary to know the conditions of the
"art bit"; under the present circumstances, however, when the market is
glutted with high-performance application software, it is becoming
increasingly difficult to stretch the individual's imaginative powers.
Some people have even become convinced that no new software is needed
beyond what already exists. Software ought not to be simply a tool that
allows us to imitate actual operations and rationalize routine work. We
must delve down and discover new possibilities that are latent in
software and experiment with them through trial and error as "art bits."

The "Art.Bit Collection" exhibit brings together and displays works that
explore software possibilities in this sense -- programming language
(especially visual programming language and language environment
software for computer music), network community (software available on
the Internet for creating and exhibiting artwork), software for visualization
vfor the World Wide Web, new application software, and interactive works.
Although we cannot perhaps say that these art bits have as yet evolved
into major works in this sense, we can say that each of them contains a
"bit of art" that shows extraordinary creativity.

- ---

<7 categories with 39 works>

*Visual Programming Environment  (8 works)
   How can we create open ended Programming Environment for the end-user?

*Media Programming Environment  (5 works)

*CommunityWare  (1 work)

*Virtual Environment  (3 works)
   You can feel strange reality by virtual environment in computer.

*Web Browser historical view and alternatives (7 works)
  You can see history and the future of Web Browser.

*Behind the Network  (5 works)
  Visualize the streams of network and data on network.
  You can realize there are many background behind the network.

*NoiseWare - deconstructing desktop and application  (10 works)
  Input noise into desktop and application.
  They reconstruct your common sense about computer.

NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
Tel: +81-3-5353-0800 (International)
E-mail :
URL for this exhibition: 1

yukiko shikata 


Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:22:26 +0200
From: jaka zeleznikar <>
Subject: Break21 - 6. International Festival of Young Emerging Artists

18 June – 7 July 2002
6. International Festival of Young Emerging Artists

On June, 18th, the 6th International Festival of Young Emerging Artists,
BREAK21 will start with the intense program, which will shake the public.
During its three weeks (until July 7) Zavod K6/4 (Kapelica Gallery, Club K4,
Cyberpipe) in Ljubljana (Slovenia) will be venue, where over 100 contemporary
works of art by artists from throughout the world will be presented. All these
projects address the topic of the festival – “Dead or Alive” in direct and
radical way.

In the title, the initial question appears. It questions death and life; it
demands an answer to the question about definitions, what is actually dead and
what is alive. To what extent something is dead, though only inert; to what
extent something is alive, though tends to be prolonged with the help of
machines; how to understand organic material in the cryobanks and how
biotechnical mechanisms/organisms? Are the cyber space and avatars with
artificial intelligence, which are present in the Hollywood apparatus of the
imaginary or the top cyber laboratories, our or the parallel world?

Interconnecting sides of reality – death and life will be manifested through
exhibitions, net art, performances, fashion as well as comics, short and
animated films. Theoretical background to the festival’s topic – “Dead or
Alive” will be given at the symposium. The exhibited projects are divided into
three thematic sets: the dark side ‘dead’ will be presented in the first
the second week will try to find balance around the delicate ‘or’ and the
week will inevitably come ‘alive’.

Besides younger, not yet recognised artists who modulate their artistic
expression within research artistic practice, we have invited authors, whose
known works may add up to the entire exhibition. These projects are in our
opinion, important for the discourse, pursued by the festival. At the end of
the festival we will publish a book, which will consist of texts and artistic
projects, presented at the Break 21, and projects, which influenced the
development of the selected theme greatly, for which we would like to become
the reference in the future.


Among the invited artists, Franko B. (GB) will certainly attract the most attention. He is already an internationally acclaimed visual artist living in Great Britain, whose performances are usually sold out well in advance. The psychoanalytic theory would characterise him as an ultimate painter while he himself claims that he does not deal with death in his 'blood letting' performances, but with a thin line between the concepts of life and real experience. He exposes his naked and bleeding body which forces the audience to rethink their own ideas of beauty and suffering and the connections between the two.

On the Festival he will present his ultimate performance, a fashion show in which he will mark the way with his own blood on a white path. This performance will present a unique contribution to Slovenian reality. During the symposium Aljoša Kolenc, who compares Franko B.'s work to the once revolutionary Cezanne, will attempt to interpret his performances within the frames of  psychoanalytic hermeneutics.

Body as an instrument of artistic expression is also used by Dietmar Bruckmayr-Didi (AT). He will open the Break21 Festival on June 18 with a vocal performance "Aria of the lost genes". All he needs to perform his act is a microphone, which he holds in his mouth and makes sound by hitting his body and head. The author treats his body in a very suicidal fashion. 

Besides Franko B, and Didi there are some other interesting performers invited as well as selected:

invited: Niko Raes (BE), Kira O'Reilly (GB), Havve Fjell (NO), Elena Kovylina (UA).
selected: Boris Šincek (HR), Marijan Crtalić (HR).

EXHIBITION in Kapelica Gallery will be open from June, 18th until July, 7th every day between 12.00 and 20.00 hours during the festival.

A renowned Slovenian artist Franc Purg, currently working in New York, will present his recently finished video for the first time, as a part of the exhibition.  
His 30 minutes long video film presents a story of the 20 year old Leon, a Macedonian born in Slovenia, whose life was forever marked when he killed his father at the age of 12. His life that culminated in this tragic event is unique, because of his forced pilgrimage through many reformatories and similar institutions throughout ex-Yugoslavia and his perseverance, which helped him walk the way from Bosnia to Slovenia several times as well as his frankness in telling his brutal story.

Fred Pelon is a Dutch artist known mainly due to his technique of recording, projecting and additional recording. He will show his experimental and autobiographic documentary "The Dutch Act", where he explores the world of suicides and practical use of chat on internet to communicate about them. 

Invited: Franc Purg (SI), Stephen J. Shanabrook (US), Talent (YU), Zoran Todorović (YU), Charles Krafft (US), Davide Grassi (SI), Bureau of Inverse Technology (US)

Selected: Andreas Troeger (US), Petra Vargova (CZ), Vukašin Nedeljković (YU), Danko Friščić (HR), Fred Pelon (NL), Slavica Peševska (MK/SI), Sašo Sedlaček (SI), Bojana Romić (YU), Mario Horvat (HR), STRUP production (SI), Emir Jelkić (SI), Polona Demšar (SI), I. J. Pino (HR), Christopher Morris (GB), Jelena Radić (YU), Christian de Lutz (US/DE), Ljubica Andjelković (HR), Liane Lang (UK), Emir Jelkić (SI), Martin Sastre (UY), Mario Mišković (HR), Christian Keinstar (DE), Philip John (GB)

Net art will be presented on Cyberpipe computers during all three weeks of the festival between 12.00 and 20.00 hours. 
Web art consists of works made and transmitted with net based technologies. They are accessible through the Internet, but lose their main characteristics and can only be documented, when transferred into another medium.

This year Break21 presents Jimpunk visiting an almost 13 years old girl Mouchette. The visit takes place in the morgue as Mouchette decided to commit suicide as the answer to her life's problems. Her identity lives on though through an unknown French artist - Mouchette whom we will visit in her afterlife. Innergirl presents her Suicide Journal, while Melinda Rackham thematizes Hepathitis C in her work Carrier.



You will be able to listen to a series of lectures and presentations in the Cyberpipe lecture room (their texts will be published in the catalogue) in the beginning of the Festival (19, 20 and 21 June at 18.00, 19.00 and 20.00 hours). The symposium will be dedicated to some extreme areas of artistic expression exposing the question of life and death as well as contents and materials through which they are expressed. Our point of interest will be the artistic poetics and also practical problems that occur while dealing with such complex and usually taboo theme. Some invited lecturers don't have an artistic background but are exposed to the subject of life and death in different scientific fields and therefore
often represent inspiration for works of art. Together we will discuss the question if art has the privilege of enlightening and reflecting upon such delicate themes and contents. 

Oron Catts (AU) is a member of the SymbioticA group within which he, as artist, collaborates in the scientific processes. SymbioticA is a research laboratory dedicated to the exploration of scientific knowledge in general, and biological technologies in particular, from an artistic and humanistic perspective. It is located in The Department of Anatomy & Human Biology at The University of Western Australia. SymbioticA is the first research laboratory of its kind, in that it enables artists to engage in wet biology practices in a biological science department. Developments in science and technology, in particular in the life sciences, are having a profound effect on society, its values, belief systems and
treatment of individuals, groups and the environment. Oron will present their last project - the creation of wings for a pig under lab conditions.

Other lecturers who will present their views and thoughts on the symposium include Barbara Borčič (SI), Andrej Marušič (SI), Adrian Heathfield (GB), Aljoša Kolenc (SI), Stuart Swezey (US), John Duncan (US), Rachel Armstrong (GB). 


In the newly discovered exhibition area of the Kapelica Gallery - roof - fashion designers will present their dress concepts on 27 June at 21.00 hours. Fashion show will be an event that exposes clothes worn by newborns, dead, warriors, suicides, fetishists and clothes that protect us during crrying out the tasks of life performance. These are clothes that aim at the sublime beauty, although we would rather never wear them.

Invited: Stahl Stenslie (NO), Denise Kaelin (CH)
Selected: Jasminka Končić (HR), Anita Mudronja (HR), Ivana Žanko (HR), Irena Funduk (SI), Ana Hribernik (SI)


During all three weeks of the festival the Kinoteka, Kolosej and Cyberpipe cinema room will show screenings and  rescreening of short video and animated films.
Eight international animated films that deal with the edges of death and life in purely individual ways and use experimental approaches while telling their stories have been chosen. For the first time on the big screen it will also be possible to see professional short films, half an hour of concentrated storyline that break the viewer's conception of 

Short films: David Brooks (US), Fariborz Kamkari (IR), Boris Hars-Tschachotin (DE), Jorg Wagner & Stefan Prehn (DE), Marianela Maldondo (GB/NO), Alain Escalle (FR/JP), Kenneth Kainz (DK), Virgil Widrich (AT)
Animated films: Rene Castillo (MX), Sally Golding (AU), Neels Britz (ZA), Jo Goigne (BE), Bruno Razum (HR), Igor Lazin & Bense Sandor (HU), Balasz Pal (HU), Martha Colburn (NL/US) 


Comics have traditionally been the arena of the worst possible violence. Their black-and-white images cut into the limits of our perception which are struggling with the cold reality. Some situations caught in ink stare at us like frozen screams of horror, others show those few seconds when the Earth is still approaching.

Selected: Ivana Armanini (HR), Beppi & Mary Knott (US), Frederique Cabaille (BE), Goran Cvek & Emil Jurcan (SI), Andreja Kladnik (SI), Dragomir Križić (BA), Miroslav Lazendić (YU), Miroslav Nemeth (HR), Ivan Mitrevski (SI), Dalibor Rajninger (HU), Zoran Stojilković (YU), Rui Sanguinho (PT), Willem Verburg (NL)

For additional information please contact:

Mija Lorbek, PR or
+386 1 438 03 00 
+386 41 390 643


Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 08:38:35 -0500
From: "iara lee / caipirinha" <>
Subject: howard zinn/tonight

dear concerned friends,

here is another important announcement. hope to see you there, if you
happen to be in nyc.

iara lee

howard zinn and anthony arnove will be appearing:

on thursday, june 20, at 7 pm
at the old first church

discussing terrorism and war,
a collection of new interviews with howard zinn
published by seven stories press

729 carroll street
on the corner of 7th avenue
park slope, brooklyn
(enter on 7th avenue)

in conjunction with the community bookstore

for more info, please call: 718-783-3075

for more information about the book, please visit:

the bookstore's web site is

if you are trying to reach iara please do not respond to this message


Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 12:48:17 -0400
From: "roya.jakoby" <>
Subject: World Refugee Week Webcast

(apologies for any cross posting)



19 June, 2002

World Refugee Week Webcast

This year The Community Media Association in collaboration with
Sound Radio
and supported by The Women's Radio group will be presenting their
Voices Without Frontiers' broadcast live over the Internet on
Thursday 20th
June between 1200 and 1600 GMT.

Voices Without Frontiers is an international broadcast campaign of
(The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) co-produced
collaboration with community radio stations around the world. Their
goal is
to reinforce the socially inclusive ethos of the community radio
sector, and
promote access to the media by minority and disadvantaged groups.

As a part of Sound Radio's involvement there will be 4 hours of
from their studios in Hackney with a world flavour. The schedule
will be
multi-lingual and multicultural taking in Bangladeshi, Latin
Kurdish and European languages and cultures.

With latest UN estimates of nearly 22 million displaced people
around the
world in the last year, the issue of refugees and the way they are
in their host countries is becoming a topic of continuous debate.
Initiatives such as internment of displaced people, use of vouchers,
displacement once in host countries and also economic migrancy have
featured in the media over the last year. This day of broadcasts
from Sound
Radio will attempt to tell the human story of refugee communities,
reasons for moving, and their experiences once here as well as how
they feel
about their treatment.

The programmes will be broadcast over the Internet, via The CMA's
web site
( and Sound Radio's web site
(  where there will also be a range of
specifically put together for the broadcast.

- --
Further Information contact:
Philippa Oldmeadow, Community Media Association

Notes to editors:
1. The Community Media Association is the UK association for
community media
grouping together over 250 active community media organisations. Its
include local and restricted service radio and television stations
community-based media production groups and Internet projects. The
provides information, advice, training and consultancy. It
represents the
interests of community media to Government, regulators and other
bodies. Further information on the CMA can be found at

Head Office:
Community Media Association
15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX
"access to the media for people and communities"


Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:52:21 +0200 (CEST)
From: transmediale <>
Subject: [transmediale] transmediale.03 - play global! - Call for proposals (English version)

international media art festival berlin
1 - 5 February 2003

Call for Entries

Entry form: PDF download from
Deadline: 8 September 2002

Klosterstraße 68-70 \ 10179 Berlin \ Germany
Fon ++49 (0) 30 / 24 72 19 07
Fax ++49 (0) 30 / 24 72 19 09 \

transmediale is a festival for art and the creative usage of digital media.
The festival shows new and significant projects of digital culture and
offer reflections about the role of digital technologies in contemporary
society. It is a forum of communication for artists, media workers and a
broad public interested in the arts.

transmediale award

Prizes worth EUR 5,000 will be awarded in each of the three categories
Interaction, Image and Software. The transmediale.03 invites the submission
of artistic projects developed since 2000 in these three fields. The award
winners will be selected by three separate international juries. The award
winning works and others will be invited to transmediale.03 and will be
presented, circumstances permitting, in the exhibition, screenings, the
media lounge or on stage.

INTERACTION > Interactive Systems
The Image category covers artistic productions focusing on human
interaction with and through digital media. Interactive systems consist of
several components which combine to create an artwork that can be
experienced individually or collectively and whose outcome is relatively
open and dependent on the recipient's participation. These can be locally
based systems like installations or performances, as well as open,
networked processes or action. The evaluation of these works hinges on
their reflection of current social and cultural conditions and on the
choice of adequate media and components which articulate the intention of
the project.

IMAGE > linear and non-linear moving images
The category Image includes works that deal with the aesthetics of moving
images and that reflect the role of the image in the age of digital,
interactive and network media. Such works can deal with the transformation
of visual languages and the emerging, non-linear forms of narration, as
well as with innovative forms of presentation and reception and with the
combination of images with sounds and other forms of artistic expression.
Going beyond the by now classical video format, the Image category also
covers projects in areas like video performance, Internet movie or
interactive story telling.

SOFTWARE > Generative Art
The Software category includes projects whose main artistic material is
program code, or which deal with the cultural understanding of Software.
Thus, software is not understood as a functional tool serving the 'real'
artistic work, but as a generative means for the creation of machinic and
social processes. Software art can be the result of an autonomous and
formal creative practice, but it can also refer the cultural and social
meaning of software, or reflect on existing software through strategies
like collage or critique.

Conditions of Entry

Arrival no later than: 8 September 2002

Accepted media: S-VHS and VHS-tapes, Mini-DVs (Pal), DVDs, CD-ROMs, Zip
cartridges, Floppy Discs (3.5), Web-sites. No demo versions - only finished

The evaluation by the jury requires good documentation of submitted works
(especially in the fields of Software and Interaction). Where appropriate,
an explanation should be given as to which aspects of the works the jury
should consider in particular.

Mailing costs will be borne by the entrant. Submissions will be returned on
request only, subject to the following conditions:
- - submissions from Germany must have a stamped and self-addressed envelope
- - submissions from abroad must have a US $ 10 or EUR 10 bill (cash only)

There will be no insurance cover for the material received. Should a work
be damaged through the fault of the transmediale only the material value
will be reimbursed.

Works submitted must be in German or English or have subtitles in either of
these languages. Works in other languages must be accompanied by a text
list in German
or English.

Customs Declarations
The transmediale will only accept packages from abroad whose customs
declaration forms have been completed correctly. Packages dispatched from
outside the European Union must bear the following information: indication
of the content plus the note "Not for trade - temporary loan for festival.
Value = 0".

Theme: play global!

transmediale.03 deals with the artistic and cultural effects of
globalisation. The competition for the transmediale award is an independent
part of the festival, so that submissions for the competitions can, but do
not have to relate to the festival theme 'play global!'.

Globalisation is a process through which the possibility of world-wide
relations extends across the entire field of social relations. In the
course of this process, we do not only see the expansion of economic,
political and military constellations. The world is turning into a
multi-layered social space for which new cultural concepts have to be
developed in order for individuals and groups to be able to act. Mobile
communication, telematic tools, world-wide collaborative structures and
global political alliances create a new cultural landscape whose rules will
have to be learned and worked on.

'Play global!' is meant as a challenge to artists and creative
practitioners to propose concepts and ideas for this new, global field of
action and interaction. Is there a new artistic language of the global?
What is the relationship between an individual's local existence and his or
her social environment, which is less and less locally determined and which
can today include collaborators, partners and friends working at the other
end of the world?

Obviously, the challenge to participate in the 'global game' is not without
irony. The so-called 'global players', companies and conglomerates, use
their extensive networks and huge masses of capital to transgress national
borders, viewing the entire world as their playground. The festival will
present critical and self-conscious as well as playful responses to this

We therefore invite the submission of concepts, project proposals and
materials relating to the festival theme, independent from the competition.

Hosted by Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH
in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds
Senate of Berlin
and Sponsors
The transmediale.03 award is supported by AVM Computersystems.

- ------------------------------------------------
transmediale.03 - Play Global! - 1-5 february 2003
international media art festival berlin
- ------------------------------------------------
transmediale - Klosterstr.68-70 - 10179 Berlin
tel. 030-247219-07 (fax -09)
- ------------------------------------------------
Member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals.
the information list of transmediale
international media art festival berlin


Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:10:51 -0500
From: "iara lee / caipirinha" <>
Subject: against sweatshops

.... if in nyc june 25th, come celebrate the launching of new book on
student anti-sweatshop organizing!!

iara lee  
caipirinha productions  

Students Against Sweatshops  
by Liza Featherstone and United Students Against Sweatshops 
Verso (available now) 

Radical Party 
Join Verso with authors Ben Shepard, Ron Hayduk, Liza Featherstone, and
Stephen Duncombe to celebrate the
release of their upcoming titles:

>From ACT UP to the WTO, Students Against Sweatshops, and Cultural
Resistance Reader.

Music, Cocktails, Books! 

107 Norfolk 
(between Delancy and Rivington) 
212 385-7501 

Tuesday, June 25th 7-10pm 

RSVP to Rachel via phone 212 807-9680 
or email 

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

to order go to: 

Students Against Sweatshops 
By Liza Featherstone and United Students Against Sweatshops 
Verso (available now) 

"Campus activism lives! This  inspiring and lucid account of the work of
United Students against Sweatshops proves it.  Blending commitment and
analysis, Featherstone tells us why USAS is about much more than caps and
t-shirts -- it's about worker's rights, women's rights, challenging the
corporatization of the university, and establishing  a fair world order."
- -- Katha Pollitt, Nation magazine columnist 

 "Here are the inspiring voices of our democracy -- young people daring to
question authority and confront power.  These are the Thomas Paines,
Sojourner Truths, Fredrick Douglasses, and Mother Joneses of our times. 
America needs them more than ever."
- -- Jim Hightower, radio commentator  

Liza Featherstone is a New York City journalist who has written
extensively about student, youth and labor organizing. A frequent
contributor to The Nation, Newsday and The Washington Post, she is now
writing a book about Wal-Mart workers.

if you have found that you are having trouble unsubscribing from this list
please contact me directly at we apologize for the

- ---
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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 20:36:12 +0100
From: stanza <>
Subject: soundtoys

Convergence - new audiovisual experiences online and offline.
Convergence the soundtoys exhibition is being shown at the ICA in=20
London in the new media centre from june 5 th to 13th july.

MORE info below.

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Press  release.

About  the  exhibition  which  runs  to  july  13  2002.

The  exhibition showcases artists who use new musical interfaces and=20
explore new media for creative purposes. The exhibition reflects the=20
current fascination with creatives from all disciplines  focusing on=20
new  media  and  software  for audio visual expression. Many  artists=20
are developing their own programs,  pushing beyond  the  boundaries=20
of the standard  new  media technologies, and  standard  interfaces.=20
=46eatured work includes Leafcutter John, and Pelado, both writing=20
their own applications in max and msp, used for manipulating sound.=20
Soundtoys also features  Julian Baker and Ixi, both exploring=20
director software to make highly  inventive stand-alone applications=20
and  music  tools.  Another   common area of   exploration is with=20
sound controlled interfaces using the Antione Schmitt's FFT extra,=20
for example artists  like  Toxi, Area 3 and  Atty's Multi-amaze.=20
Meanwhile the  likes  of Schmit  and Bakteria are building autonomous=20
generative machines. Also installed on one of the machines is Golin=20
Levin's  interactive Flong piece, written in Java and only available=20
as a stand alone. And working in  the  same  sphere we have artists=20
like Peter Luining, Rechord and Stanza, all with a fascination for=20
interactive 'painting'. Stanza is  also exhibiting his new=20
subvergence work, and the project 'inner city'. Other premieres=20
include Iriealist's new  audio visual  work  and  Squidsoup's Alt=20
Zero  4. And it wouldn't be fair to leave out some of the audio=20
visual artists who are currently working with  3-D worlds like=20
Christina Mc Phee.  Soundtoys  would also like to acknowledge online=20
contributions by Andy Wilson, Jim Andrews and Jay Malaiperuman  and=20
the  other  hundred  artists  exhibiting  who have  allowed  for=20
this  project  to  develop.

About Convergence.

The merging of the audio and the visual is increasingly becoming a=20
central issue in the development of interactive media. Web artists=20
are fusing the arts, incorporating a wide range of approaches to the=20
medium of the Internet and audio visual practice. Artists are=20
producing new audio visual experiences, and this includes art, games,=20
generative music and interactive environments.

A showcase of artists who use new musical interfaces and explore the=20

More  info online  at

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A  website  for  new  experiments  in  audio  visual art, sound and=20
interactive multimedia.

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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 03:43:30 +0000
From: "ph2o arte" <>

INNESTO-GREFFE-GRAFT (ita - eng  - fra)


Happening nel Parco

Lei č gentilmente invitata all’ happening nel Parco delle Alpi Marittime, 
per la performance “Innesto – Greffe – Graf” il prossimo 7 Settembre 2002.

Un’originale happening nel Parco delle Alpi Marittime, in Italia vicino a 

Si tratta di un particolare evento, ideato da due interessanti giovani 
artisti, Domenico Olivero e Stefano Venezia.

Il 7 Settembre nel pomeriggio (ore 17,00) essi vi aspetteranno nel Vallone 
delle Vallette, nel centro del Parco delle Alpi Marittime, per un originale 
evento, un nuovo modo di vivere una comunicazione globale e un confronto con 
gli artisti in un suggestivo spazio naturale.

Essi vi aspetteranno per un incontro ed una camminata, dialogando sui valori 
umani. Alla fine tutte le persone presenti parteciperanno alla creazione di 
una scultura in forma di costellazione (in questo caso quella dell’Orsa 

Per tutte le informazioni visitare il sito

Se desiderate essere


Happening dans le Parc

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter ŕ l’événement “Innesto – Greffe – 
Graft”, le  7 Septembre 2002.

Un original “Happening” aura lieu dans le Parc des Alpes Maritimes, Italie, 
prčs de Turin.

C’est un événement artistique spécial, conçu par des importants jeunes 
artistes italiens, Domenico Olivero et Stefano Venezia.

Le 7 Septembre, ŕ h 17:00, nous nous rencontrerons dans la Vallée Vallette, 
au centre du Parc des Alpes Maritimes, pour cette particuličre performance 
artistique qui veut représenter une nouvelle façon de vivre dans une 
communication globale ainsi qu’un échange culturel parmis des artistes, et 
cela ŕ l’intérieur d’un magnifique espace naturel.

Nous allons nous rencontrer pour en suite faire ensemble un bout de chemin 
en dialoguant sur les valeurs humaines.A la fin de cette promenade, chaque 
personne aura la possibilité de faire une sculpture avec la forme d’une 
constellation (dans ce cas l’Ourse Majeur, Great Bear).

Pour toutes informations veuillez visiter le site internet

Pour ętre éliminé de la mailing list “Innesto – Greffe – Graft”, envoyer une 
e-mail ŕ, et écrire la parole “unsubscribe” comme objet.


Happening in the Park

You are cordially invited to happening in the Park, for the performance 
“Innesto – Greffe – Graf” next 7 September 2002.

A original happening will take place in Alpi Marittime's Park, Italy, near 

It is a special artistic event, designed by important Italian young artists, 
Domenico Olivero and Stefano Venezia.

Around the 7th of September in the afternoon ( 5 p.m) we will rendezvous in 
the Vallette Valley, in the centre of the Alpi Marittime's Park, for a 
particular art event in a public space. A new way for living in a global 
communication and a chat among artists and the audience, in a wonderful 
natural space.

We will meet and walk in an original procession with dialogs and comparisons 
about human values. At the end of the walking every person in the audience 
will build a sculpture in the shape of a constellation (in this case Ursa 
Major, Great Bear).

For all information look web site:

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Infotel: 3282159521
Web site:
For all information look web site:

© Domenico Olivero & Stefano Venezia, all riserved

Conversa in chat con gli amici in linea, prova MSN Messenger:


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:07:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: miranda@TCNJ.EDU
Subject: CAE at the New Museum

If you're in NYC this thursday check out a final performance as part of the 
Open_Source_Art_Hack show.  Show up and participate in a transgenic 
performance at the New Museum Thursday evening, June 20th!
A performance description is available at:


Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:59:00 +0200
From: manuel <>
Subject: The New York City 1960's Scene, by Ira Schneider


16mm-Filme auf Video von Ira Schneider

DJ Manuel Bonik

Mittwochs-Lounge in der 

Galerie Blickensdorff 
Saarbrueckerstrasse 36 / Prenzlauer Allee
10405 Berlin
T 030-4428888

Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2002, 21 Uhr bis 1 Uhr

- -- 
manuel <>


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