Ricardo Bello on Sun, 23 Jun 2002 20:43:47 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Le Monde Diplomatic: Chavezīs personal conspiracy

     I canīt get out of an state of amazement after reading an
article signed by Ignacio Ramonet at Le Monde Diplomatic. My
only conclusion is that Ramonet truly is a Chavezīs agent!, but
as I do not trust myself, at least in this affair, we have to
admit there are at least two powerful paranoias working against
each other. 
    The first paranoical type would include any sentient being
opposing Chavez and could be defined as an agent of an international
conspiracy, financed by billionaires, media tycoons, the mob,
CIA, FDA, the Manson family, the Yakuza, Opus Dei, Reverend Sun
Myung Moon and the Dalai Lama.
    The second one, exemplified by I. Ramonet elegant piece of
writing, could be defined as a contract writer, close friend
of Venezuelanīs secret funds and who, first of all, doesnīt live
in Venezuela (any decent secret agent, by definition, obeys a
foreign power).
     Each paranoical perspective declares to be the authentic
one and the truth be told, some facts in Ramonetīs article are
historical and precise. Chavez did reach power as a reaction
against the incredible levels of corruption in Venezuelan politics.
But the picture then begins to get blurred. He did found three
years ago a high level of unemployment, but this year only 1.200
industries have closed, and 2.000 more are expected to close
before the end of the year, food consumption decrease 6% only
in May and over 50% of the work force belong to the informal
sector. And food consumption levels are not just another type
of statistic, it tell us if we are growing a generation of retarded
and malnutrition plagued infants or a healthy one.
     CNN, if anything, has worked in Chavez side, exposing and
documenting every single and meaningful political action of those
backing him up. But to believe CNN is an agent of the media conspiracy
working against Chavez, as Ramonet declares, doesnīt do the job.
If we are trying to escape that hell realm in which inefficient
class struggles has put us, we should learn to accept and recognize
one another paranoical perspectives. Yes, Chavez has a huge support.
And yes, Venezuelan Supreme Court, not by a long way in the opposition
side, has ruled opening the road to a trial against the Presidentīs
corrupt behavior. Should we accept his illegal foreign accounts
because he didnīt approve U.S. bombing Afganistan?

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