Ricardo Bello on Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:09:52 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: Re: <nettime> Le Monde Diplomatic: Chavezīs personal conspiracy

Only a couple of snipers have been identified and they have been
captured, but not by the police or judges, only in images by
cameras and film crews. The suspects have names and they all
work for government. Everything else is a conjecture or paranoia
inspired wishful thinking, just as when Le Monde said only 300.000
marched on April 11th. On June 15th almost another million marched,
but every time the opposition goes to the streets, the President
closes the skys and forbids helicopters with televisionīs crews
to film and transmit the political event. Why?

Bolivarian Circles function as a political party, financed with
the Stateīs (public) money ---> thatīs illegal and more important,
they create havoc in the national budget; and worst, collective
fear, because many of them (not all), are armed.

CTV, the national trade union is so corrupt that when it calls
for a national strike the country stops on its tracks. And yes,
employers, the whole middle class, the church and media asks
for Chavezīs renunciation and they do call themselves civil society.
They are not military, right? Chavez is not a communist or a
socialist challenging the Empire, he is a corrupt populist with
a great following (half the country is behind him). My bet is
that those chavistas, not the opposition, will ask for his head
in the near future. Wait and see public response when IMF implements
economic measures in Venezuela, measures that should not have
been necessary if Chavez had been a competent and honest administrator.

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