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<nettime> _net_][paral][lax 6|9:dialogue that x.cludes the multilogue_

::....the closure of list forums 2 anything but closed-down predicated 
theory/discussion/banal correspondence, reiteration of "acceptable" 
dialogue that x.cludes the multilogue, lauding individualisation rather 
than entity-bouncing via replicated channels of information that offer a 
completely different model 4 data dispersal...... u now 2 lists 4 the fact that they provide n.dividual 
niches 4 perpetuation of culture along a individualist axis? is there now a 
hierarchical structure that u'd advocate regarding postings? is this 
info-threading via the ecosystem that we call the net now regarded as spam 
b.cause of the politically correct nature of these lists that accept 
repeditive monological personal-correspondance as the norm? is this 
perpetuation of real-time regurgitative communication structure wot u yearn 
2 have in yr inbox?

::the communication structure that gels these lists 2gether.

:: is yr individual/monogaze enuff 2 shift thru the idea of perpetual 
information in flux, a curve of data that can be dipped in2 via x.tended & 
repetitious communication?

::i'm add.vocating areas that sings information as valuable, as resources 2 
b treasured & acting as a [source]pool of communally accessible material 
...if 1 n.dividual is x.posed 2 or 3 times 2 the information, then they 
should b responsible enuff 2 take appropriate action...... 2 tell u the 
truth i'm sick 2 the teeth that ppl r n.tent on interpretation of multiple 
x.posures 2 info.mation or code-d.rived variations via perpetuation of data 
that is drawn back into a canonistic idea of absorption & meaning 

.the under.writing. of. code. is repetitious.
[dis(ex)tended  language modes r now outlawed in favour of an individuals 
x.posure 2 infodatums].

.           .    ....         .....
collapsing adj[thr]usting.txt
.... .               .???  .......

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