Bill Spornitz on Wed, 26 Jun 2002 17:07:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> life is packet sniffing, keep your nose clean

life is noise; and meaning in life will be realized in the reflected 
- info-structure grafted onto noise in a context somehow pertinent...

To these bloodshot eyes, this carnivore thing is a big noise-net; 
maybe meaning would be inculcated around the hoo-haw where the noise 
was being mediated for the user, with skillful means, blablabla, 

But meaning is con-textual. I could write a little midi interface and 
realize carnivorous noise from noise, or instead, i could write a 
little midi interface that sonifies my text editor (for example); 
realizing a sonification of con-text and lucky dis-consonances.

All value is gone ( since 9/11 ). There is no better or worse of 
these two options. There is only what I choose. Now's the twentyfirst 
century; I know all about the sonification of noise (and the clanging 
of the police state),  I'll choose the other for my dwindling 


... or maybe develop a sonification api based around a standard 
pattern language...

>Is it a piece of software, or is it an API posing as a piece of software?

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