porculus on Sat, 29 Jun 2002 23:28:40 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> life is packet sniffing, keep your nose clean

> All value is gone ( since 9/11 ).

havent you enuf of zuch 'definitive' zing that have just the approximative
arty aim of some collateral damage in some brit garden or to reduce the
playground of your posterity as an exploit. you know it's not cause you
are probably feed up about good & bad axe rhethorique you have to collapse
or escape and trying to be safe in some chic cynism, cause you know to
imagine you could be non proactive & innocent in digital sm foucaldian
supersurveiller & superpunichmentpark society is a whipped dead end and a
fuckked cul de sac. what is safe or not in our value is beyond our will &
our power & even beyond our lucidity..beside notice how much arty is
french in qualifying adjectivising his fucking name in 'foucaldien', it
not only seems in some froggy assonance it growz zuddenly some leather
wings in his fucking back but above all the foucaldian could really hover
over to supplice to supplicié to you & me & all historic gallows as kind
of perch for crow ..did you imagine there is escape to the recycling of
your whipped & hated subject in some disgusted caressed & beloved light
qualifying adjectivising prozess + in saying 'All value is gone ( since
9/11 ).'

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