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<nettime> Carnivore

Yep, Yanks. Distribute Carnvivore: Archie Bunker thinking - 'arm the
passengers' (his solution to the terrorist hijacking threat in the 70s). 

But what about Omnivore and Dragonnet?? 

I think the use of Carnivore at the New Museum quickly revealed the
contractual and legal terrain of both the ISP (which has legal 
obligations to service providers 'upstream' [they colocate with whom?] 
and the employees, as well as a range of other regulatory requirements)
and the Museum (which has legal obligations mediated by the trust to
employees, users, artists, etc. etc.).

The institutional character of Internet became more clearly defined.
It is textual and it is legal, the outcome of a set of legal requirements and contracts in civil law.

Rhizome proposes to become a 'web hosting service' (with Carnivore on their server? GMAB) but is unclear on the textual the legal contract and
the physical location of digital properties. 

>>lagging 1+ dekades
>>lazy + konvenient in the most dangerous maniera _ 

Yes, we have foresight, we are cultural creatures, we have memories,
it is in our nature, and when all else fails we have Hystoria.

chocolate nn, cacao. XX


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