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<nettime> Information about the "Multitudes-Infos" Discussion List

From: "matheron francois" <>

About the "Multitudes-Infos" Discussion List

Hello everyone (and particularly new Subscribers to the List)

1. The Multitudes-Info list is a non-moderated information and discussion
list of the journal Multitudes. It is free and open to all. This is not a
thematic list in the strict sense. Anyone is free to add texts that they
consider relevant to the questions being raised in the journal. People can
also react to texts which have been posted on the list, although we would
ask you to avoid personal attacks.

2. The people involved with the journal "Multitudes" and signed up to this
list currently number 443. Mainly but not exclusively in France. There are
also Italian and Spanish subscribers, and also correspondents in other
parts of the world, arising out of the journal's international support
network in the US, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, etc. [Ed.Note:
And even one in GB!] That is why the preferred languages of the Discussion
List are French and English.

3. On the Multitudes-Infos list you will find debates internal to the
journal, theoretical articles, and general information materials, as well
as (mainly French) militant information and debates between participants.
Since September 2001 and the events of Genoa-G8, 11 September, the war in
Afghanistan etc, this list has opened itself to important debates about
globalisation, Empire, liberalism, war, the Internet, the politics of
multitudes etc. It has also been a channel for the worldwide debate about
the book Empire, by Toni Negri and Michael Hardt.

4 Any postings that are racist, sexist, xenophobic or homophobe, as well
as postings that are designed to upset the good working of the List are
unwelcome, and the persons responsible will be unsubscribed by the List
organisers. People adopting "troll-like" behaviours designed to wreck the
list will be sent a warning message, and will be unsubscribed if they
continue with their behaviour.

5. Everybody may subscribe to this list using the identity of his or her
choosing, even if we tend to prefer that it be possible for those who
receive messages to know who has sent them. If some people prefer to use
pseudonyms, we would suggest that they at least be kind enough to reveal
their identity to the managers of the list, who promise to respect their
wish to remain anonymous.

6. In order to avoid transmission of viruses, the List does not accept
attached files, or e-mails sent in HTML format. If one of your messages is
sent back to you by the Sympa server, it is probably because you have not
observed that rule.

7. Therefore you should send your messages in "Simple Text" format, and
configure your e-mail software accordingly. If you don't know how to do
that, feel free to ask us for help.

8. If you want to reply publicly to a message posted on the List, click on
"Répondre". Normally your reply will be sent directly to the list.
However, since computing is an inexact science, it may happen that even
though you have observed the correct procedures, your reply will end up
going to the initial sender. Before sending your reply, always check the
address to see who it is being sent to.

9. If you only want to reply to the individual who sent the message to the
list (and not to the world at large), click on the "Répondre à tous"
button and delete "Multitudes-Infos" from the list of potential recipients
of your message. And always check what you're doing when you send e-mails
arising out of correspondence on the List. Sending what you thought was a
private message accidentally to everyone on the List can turn out to be

m u l t i t u d e s - i n f o s

Liste transnationale de la revue "Multitudes"

Pour envoyer un message :

Pour s'inscrire : mail à : subscribe multitudes-infos
(ne mettre aucun objet au message) Pour se désinscrire : mail à : unsubscribe multitudes-inf os (ne mettre aucun objet
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Pour accéder aux archives, se mettre temporairement en "no mail", etc.: Administration de la
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Pour toutes questions techniques : Site Web de la
revue multitudes :

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