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   [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 42                                   
     Lloyd Dunn <>                                                    

   FW: [CSL]: Welcome Back/State of Emergency                                      
     Benjamin Bratton <>                               

   New journal on Computational Linguistics, in Russian and English                
     Alexander Gelbukh<>                                           

   Lfoundation strategic update                                                                                                       

   Deadline Extension for "Online Lives": A _Biography_ Special	Issue to 9/16      
     Center for Biographical Research <>                          

   Swallow #14 Sells Out                                                           
     Wayne Myers <>                                                 


Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 13:07:40 -0700

The following project: 9_11_2001_netMemorial
was specifically developed for submission at "Art on the Net 2002"
hosted by Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo.

After finishing the piece, I realized that I should present this work to
the net community.  It is here presented with hope that one day we will
understand and respect our differences as human beings.

I also strongly encourage, those who are interested, to submit work to
"the art on the net" exhibition, as it is for a very good cause.  The
deadline is September 20th.


Eduardo Navas


Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:53:55 +0200
From: Lloyd Dunn <>
Subject: [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 42

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now available for download, retrograde release no. 8, september 2002:

Retrofuturism 13


direct download:

Description. "Aggressive Culture / RRR 7-inch EP." Double-size issue 
of 84 pages handily marks the transition into the final phase of this 
publication. The subtitle 'Aggressive Culture' was inspired by Mark 
Pawson's designs for stickers for the 'Aggressive School of Cultural 
Workers'. Clearly, the editor's time spent at the 1989 Festival of 
Plagiarism in Glasgow, Scotland, had had its effect. Among other 
things, it helped consolidate our interest in the Situationist 
International, and this issue shows us trying on some of these 
theories in our selections. Featured articles on Neoism (Al Ackerman, 
Monty Cantsin) and National Endowment for the Arts funding 
controversies (Stephen Perkins), signal a more activist, or at least 
aggressive, cultural stance. Pieces on the Mail-art Network (Mark 
Bloch), the burgeoning use of the Macintosh in art production 
(William Bowles), and thoughts on cassette tapes (Walter Alter) look 
at some of the methods of making culture that we were interested in. 
Although generally speaking, the issue is heavy on text (not a bad 
thing!), that doesn't stop Eric Heilmann, Piotr Szyhalski, and other 
talented artists from contributing memorable images.

Contributors include. Eric Heilmann, Al Ackerman, Monty Cantsin 
(Istvan Kantor), Mark Bloch, A. Manuel Kant, Amendant Hardiker, 
William Bowles, Peter Stenshoel, Géza Perneczky, Theater of Sorts, 
Ph. Billé, Bob Gregory, Piotr Szyhalski, Steve Perkins, Walter Alter, 
Carol Stetser, Lloyd Dunn, Gareth Branwyn, Mark Pawson, Brian 

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde Archive serves as a 
repository for a complete collection of Photostatic Magazine, 
Retrofuturism, and Psrf, (as well as related titles) in electronic 
form. We are posting issues in PDF format, at more or less regular 
intervals, in reverse chronological order to form a mirror image in 
time of the original series. When the first issue, dating from 1983, 
is finally posted in several year's time, then this electronic 
archive will be complete.

issue directory:

project URL:

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Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 00:30:17 -0700
From: Benjamin Bratton <>
Subject: FW: [CSL]: Welcome Back/State of Emergency

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From: John Armitage <john.armitage@UNN.AC.UK>
Reply-To: The Cyber-Society-Live mailing list is a moderated discussion
list for those interested <CYBER-SOCIETY-LIVE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 08:27:58 +0100
Subject: [CSL]: Welcome Back/State of Emergency

[Hi all, CSL will be back in operation after the summer break, starting next
week, please send anything along that you wish to share (articles, news,
jobs, reviews etc.) Meanwhile, please see below the contents of a "Special
Section" on the current "State of Emergency" Mike Featherstone, Couze Venn
and myself have put together for _Theory Culture & Society_. Out in the
August 2002 issue, Vol. 19 (4). Please circulate far and wide, thanks. Best
wishes, John.]
Theory, Culture & Society

Volume 19 Number 4 August 2002

Explorations in Critical Social Science


Special Section on: State of Emergency

John Armitage ... State of Emergency: An Introduction

Ulrich Beck ... The Terrorist Threat: World Risk Society Revisited

John Urry ... The Global Complexities of September 11th

Michael Dillon ... Network Society, Network-Centric Warfare and the State of

Zygmunt Bauman ... Reconnaissance Wars of the Planetary Frontierland

Ryan Bishop and John Phillips ... Manufacturing Emergencies

Bryan S Turner ... Sovereignty and Emergency: Political Theology, Islam and
American Conservatism

Couze Venn ...World Dis/order: On Some Fundamental Questions

Fred Dallmayr ... Lessons of September 11

Douglas Kellner ... September 11, Social Theory, and Democratic Politics

Giuseppe Cocco and Maurizio Lazzarato ... Ruptures within Empire, the Power
of Exodus: Interview with Toni Negri

Larry N George ... The Pharmacotic War on Terrorism: Cure or Poison for the
Body Politic?

John O'Neill ... EMPIRE versus EMPIRE: A Post-Communist Manifesto

Richard Johnson ... Defending Ways of Life: The (Anti-)Terrorist Rhetorics
of Bush and Blair

Saskia Sassen ... Governance Hotspots: Challenges We Must Confront in the
Post-September 11 World

Distributed through Cyber-Society-Live [CSL]: CSL is a moderated discussion
list made up of people who are interested in the interdisciplinary academic
study of Cyber Society in all its manifestations.To join the list please

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Date: 31/08/02
From: Alexander Gelbukh<>
Subject: New journal on Computational Linguistics, in Russian and English

Dear colleague,

[This is to ask you whether you or your library would subscribe to this

Soon we will start publishing a new journal on Computational Linguistics.
It will be published in Russia (in Russian and English, with summaries
in the other language); see description below. 

To plan its printing and readership, we need to know whether you, or your
University's library, would subscribe to this journal. Especially
important are subscriptions outside ex-USSR, otherwise the project is just
not financially viable.

Please let us know [] if you plan to subscribe (how
many copies can your library afford?), to count your help in. The price
will be similar to that of existing journals, such as Computational
Linguistics. We plan to issue monthly volumes of some 100 pages (A4 size).

- -----------------------------------------------------
- -----------------------------------------------------

Yes. Recent annual conferences Dialogue ( have
gathered hundreds of Russian linguists, computational linguists, and
business representatives. About 150 best papers were selected for
publication in a 1250-page Proceedings volume of Dialogue-2002.
Dialogue conferences have more than 25 years of history.

In 2001, Russian Association for Computational Linguistics and Intelligent
Technologies (COLINT) was founded by several leading Russian research
institutes, software companies, and university groups, to promote the
full spectrum of activity in this domain, from fundamental research
to commercial product development.

The new journal will be oriented mostly to the vast community formed
around Dialogue and COLINT and will exploit its huge potential for
high quality novel publications.

- -----------------------------------------------------
- -----------------------------------------------------

1. Russian science has earned excellent reputation in the past. Even
   though Russia has lost its military and financial strength, its
   scientists are the same and the quality of their research keeps
   the same.

2. Russian Computational Linguistics tradition, for historical reasons,
   is different from the Western mainstream. It's good news and bad news.

   Bad news because Western scientists sometimes have difficulties in
   understanding Russian papers, and it takes some effort to map the
   terminology and the basic assumptions to those traditional in the West.

   Good news because this gives a new (or just non-traditional)
   perspective, fresh (or just different) ideas, and thus enriches your
   horizon. Combining these new (different) ideas with the mainstream
   research directions would give you an advantage over your colleagues
   who do not have access to this source, not to mention the advantage
   for the science.

3. Many of these publications will deal with Russian as the object of the
   research. Taking into account the potentially huge Russian market and
   integration of Russia into world culture and economics, many companies
   and thus research institutes, conferences, publishers, etc. show
   constantly growing interest in Russian-related lingware, such as
   translation software, OCR, style checkers, text mining, etc. Russian
   as object might become (if not already is) a promising research
   direction for your group, too!

4. If you live outside of ex-USSR, know that with few dollars or euros you
   will help to save Russian science and to give access to scientific
   literature to thousands of Russian scientists who just do not have
   money to subscribe to existing computational linguistics journals.

5. If Russian is your native or second language, just enjoy reading in
   Russian! And hearing from your old friends and colleagues.

- -----------------------------------------------------
- -----------------------------------------------------

1. Each paper will be supplied with a sufficiently detailed English

2. Ask your colleagues and students -- you will be surprised with that
   some of them do read in Russian (if it is not their native language!).

- -----------------------------------------------------
- -----------------------------------------------------

1. Ask your librarian if they would subscribe for such a journal, and
   let us know [] how many copies they can afford.

2. Pass this message on to your colleagues who might be interested, to
   mailing lists, etc.

3. Accept our most cordial thanks! We will contact you when the first
   issue is ready.

Thank you!
Alexander (
Welcome to CICLing-2003 conf:
Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics
February 2003, Mexico
Prof. Dr. Alexander Gelbukh (Alexandre Guelboukh Kahn),
Research Professor, head of NLP Lab,
Centro de Investigacion en Computacion (CIC),
Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN), Mexico.,,
I send you this message because I found your address at a webpage related
to the topic of this journal. If you do not want to receive my messages,
please let me know at I apologize for inconvenience.


Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:31:35 +0200
Subject: Lfoundation strategic update

strategy: 17 lost shockwave engines revealed
OS: Win/Mac
browser: MSIE 5+
plugin: Macromedia Shockwave 8+
sound: 0n


Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:59:19 -1000
From: Center for Biographical Research <>
Subject: Deadline Extension for "Online Lives": A _Biography_ Special	Issue to 9/16

Extension of Deadline for Call for Articles: A _Biography_ Special Issue

³Online Lives²

Due to a number of recent enquiries, and some adjustments in production
schedules, the deadline for the Winter 2003 issue of _Biography_ has been
extended to SEPTEMBER 16, 2002.

This issue will feature critical essays on how auto/biography and other
forms of life writing are engaging the Internet, hypertext, digital
multimedia, and the immersive interactive environments of MOOs, virtual
worlds, and role-playing games. Guest editor John Zuern seeks contributions
that address topics such as personal home pages, online
diaries and web logs, web-based genealogical research and family histories,
the stability and/or flux of identity in virtual communities, and the
creative use of webcams and other surveillance and tracking technologies
for self-representation. Interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches, as
well as explorations of the theoretical, methodological, and ethical
challenges of studying online lives are particularly encouraged.

TO SUBMIT: Manuscripts should be double spaced and ideally between 3,000
and 10,000 words. A double-blind submission policy will be followed; the
author¹s name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript, but an
accompanying cover letter should contain the author¹s name and address.
Consultation on manuscript ideas is welcomed.

For more information, or to submit an entry, contact the Center for
Biographical Research, University of Hawai'i at Mänoa, Honolulu, Hawai'i
96822 USA; Tel./Fax: (808) 956-3774;


Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 02:09:36 +0100
From: Wayne Myers <>
Subject: Swallow #14 Sells Out


Disappointing you all by accepting advertising for the first time, Swallow
#14 offers you How To Have A Good Time In A Noisy Nightclub, a short story
by Tolstoy, and a link to the home page of the current incarnation of the
Messiah. What more could you possibly want? Whatever it is, you won't
find it in Swallow. And I'm sure you'll never talk to me again. Advertising
forsooth. Oh it's so depressing.


Bad Editor

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Bad Editor


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