wade tillett on Tue, 3 Sep 2002 11:26:56 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Freedom and Documentary

> How, why and when do you join "the delinquants out 
> on the lawn," or out in the street? And another is: How much do you 
> enjoy the sting of the tear gas, and the sensuality of the night air? 
> And yet another is: How do you explain your own so-called 
> delinquancy, or your own so-called reformism - "in public"?

Are we actually joining the delinquents out on the lawn, or are we
appropriating and assimilating a visible challenge to the border in order
to hide that border? Are we merely extending the realm of inclusion in
order to hide the exclusion? Are we living as a sort of double agent,
exposing, assimilating, commodifying the outside by day, and the inside by

Why are the delinquents parked on the lawn anyway, except to force a crisis
of legitimization whereby a system either must expand to include them, or
expose the actual borders of the system through exclusion. The 'anti-'
that, while appearing radical, is in fact parasitical to a system of power.

> How long can the strict border between artistic representation and 
> sociopolitical intervention be maintained? 

Art, as a discipline, is that border that occurs when sociopolitical
intervention is turned into artistic representation. 

The elimination of such a border is the elimination of art as a discipline.

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