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<nettime> USG exports surplus dotcommies

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Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:39:07 -0700
Subject: NewsScan Daily, 16 September 2002 ("Above The Fold")


Many Silicon Valley veterans of failed dot-com ventures are joining the
Peace Corp in search of new adventure and new peace of mind. In the San
Francisco Bay Area, the number of Peace Corps applications has increased
by12% this year. A Peace Corps official there says: "Some of the applicants
may be out of work and some may not, but these are people in transition. So
they are in a good place in their lives to do something like this." One of
the agency's new recruits, Tracey Lake, who holds an MBA from the
University of Virginia, explains: "I so much want to simplify my life. When
we pulled the plug on the company, it was very difficult for me. This was
one of those great experiences in the school of life. I think of it as
tuition and I have no regrets. But I'm tired of everything being at the
inflated level it is." Lake, co-founder a now-defunct Internet startup, is
heading to Honduras to spend two years helping local officials deal with
management issues. (San Jose Mercury News 15 Sep 2002)


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