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Table of Contents:

   polyindustrias pro-forma invoice                                                
     Jonathan Lukens <>                                            

   [industrial revolution 2]                                                       
     "Lachlan Brown" <>                                            

   Which Nettime review is best?                                                   
     "Lachlan Brown" <>                                            

   Sites that Link to Nettime                                                      
     "Lachlan Brown" <>                                            


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 00:17:50 -0400
From: Jonathan Lukens <>
Subject: polyindustrias pro-forma invoice

Lachlan Brown Wrote:
>The people who read Nettime are primarily involved
>in the industry. I think Nettime should become more
>of an industry list.
>There are lists that handle the creative and critical
>aspects with greater focus. Industry issues public/private
>sectors are not discussed with such focus.

Completely apologist. Mr. Brown obviously doesnt go far enough. Nettime
should be for Industry Insiders exclusively, in time, we can discuss a
multi-tiered approach, based on evaluative online tests, that will allow
us to separate into a Class-A, Class-B, and Class-C lists based up on
degrees of insidertude.


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 05:01:10 +0000
From: "Lachlan Brown" <>
Subject: [industrial revolution 2]

Nettimers, take a good look at the sites that link to Nettime. You can do
so through There are 560 of them and they are primarily
Industry sites. There are a few 'culture industry' sites such as Rhizome
and whatever, and of course a number of Universities which have public
service industrial profiles. They produce degrees and people who can help
in the production of degrees.

However, the profile of the sites that link to nettime, probably reflected
in the great lurking silent readership too is Industrial: dot.coms,
dot.commentary, and webmaster resources, indicating that the Webmasters
(the Gods among them, you DO know who the GODS are don't you?) are among
the readers of Nettime.

I didn't know it was Friday 13th when I posted and this is not a hoax, I
do employ wit, pun, humour to help make my criticism - - painful as it
often is - easier on the recipient and also easier to for me to deliver,
but I am far from being a Merry Prankster.

Why has there been so little work on The Industry? I thought Tiz and Sally
at East London had a very large ESRC grant (80,000 pounds) to study The
Industry in 1998-99. Where's the beef?

You didn't know about the Industry? Nettimers, where have you been? No
wonder none of you became millionaires (which took a sustained
effort of will on the part of many of us adherents to the dogged public
service project of British Cultural Studies as we are.)

I'm sorry Nettimers but I often mistake 'net culture' and 'net
culturalists' for a society and for people who actually know what the
Internet and its Industry actually is. I suppose you'll have to wait for
my book Digitial Cultures: locations of production, networks of
distribution, contexts of reception.


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 05:03:04 +0000
From: "Lachlan Brown" <>
Subject: Which Nettime review is best?

Rate my reviews.

Net.culture for the Online Industry, 9/16/02
Reviewer: Lachlan Brown 
Nettime presents a 'multi-accentual' range of posts from a variety of sources, academic, artistic and industrial. Often considered, by academic opportunists, to be a politically engaged 'virtual community' a forum for 'the hacker class' providing critical and creative opinion on the state of the digital revolution, Nettime is consumed primarily by people employed or employing in the online industry, 'webmasters', marketing and publicity companies, industrialists and so on. It is considered a primary industry source for news, opinion and analysis the industry does not readily find elsewhere. The remarkable thing is that Nettime provides this service for free! 
Net.culture for the Online Industry, 9/16/02
Reviewer: Lachlan Brown 
Much has been assumed about the political networking character of Nettime, a relative latecomer to the field, particularly by opportunist academics in the field of digital culture. A 'community' of political engagees, a resource for 'the hacker class', the forum for internetworking and redistribution of media and communications, and so on, Nettime remains influential among curators, artists, and the European and American 'net.culture' elite. However, its primary value lies in the influence it has in the online industry among webmasters, industrialists and policy makers, especially in feeding social and cultural insight and opinion that the industry may not receive from other sources. These people seldom post but read to remain au fait with the terms of critical and creative debate. The remarkable thing about Nettime is that it has offered this service to the industry for free! 

Lachlan Brown
T(416) 826 6937
VM (416) 822 1123


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 05:04:42 +0000
From: "Lachlan Brown" <>
Subject: Sites that Link to Nettime


Seybold '99 Conference Preview 
Brad Hachez, Support Services 
The Howtoweb(r) Update 
Pay To Surf Mailing List 
Web Designer's Forum 
Neat Net Tricks 
Todayseek - Your Timely Resource 
Traffick Newsletters 
Howtoweb Update 
List Managers United 
Seybold '99 Conference Preview 
Pay To Surf Mailing List 
Developer's Journal 
American Icons Usability Newsletter 

Lachlan Brown
T(416) 826 6937
VM (416) 822 1123


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