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Re: <nettime> Biotech + Architecture + Politics + the English language

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Subject: <nettime> Biotech + Architecture

> For Karl Chu, organic and inorganic phyla intermingle in mutually
> constitutive limit-horizons of informational materiality. These
> territorializations emerge in vivo across the physicality
> of earth-surface as multiple algorithmic transvaluations.

And I salute him for it. Mr Chu may well have intuited something very
important here. Or he may simply have appropriated the language of a
currently fashionable corner of intellectual life.

But it doesn't matter. Because this is Biotech plus *Architecture* and there
must come a time when tortuous strings of abstract nouns will not be enough.
Architecture cannot avoid the concrete for ever.

So I delight in the philistinism of being able to say, 'Show me the bricks
and mortar'.

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