Keith Hart on Mon, 28 Apr 2003 13:23:18 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> hypocritical theory [2x]

>I take the article with a grain of salt. It's obviously pushing what the
media claims to be the norm right now.  Mentioning the war with Iraq so
emphatically at the end of the article only makes such agenda even more

The classic pose of the ethnographer is "I was there (and you weren't)".
What is striking about Eakin's article is that it addresses the begininning
and end of a two-hour session, but not the middle which was taken up
largely by the Iraq war. Several notable contributions were made from the
floor, of which one by Moise Poston, concerning how the left managed to get
compromised by the war, was outstanding. This section also included an
embarrassing exchange between members of thre panel on whether and how to
incorporate right-wing thinkers into their organ, so that a semblance of
debate might be generated. passing over that in her report shows some
discretion on Eakin's part. or maybe she was just absent on urgent

Kermit's reiterated modest proposal is less satirical than the original,
but just as susceptible to a straight reading. Are nettimers to be the
eaters or the eaten?

Keith Hart

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