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   306090 06> call for submissions                                                 
     Jeremi Sudol <>                                                 

   ::::: call for online art ::::                                                  
     "" <>                                         

   Project to timeline the history of knowledge/representation                     
     Christine Palma <>                                           

   Call Artist in Residence                                                        
     "Marieke Istha" <>                                           

   project information "European Corrections Corporation"                          
     Oliver Ressler <>                                       

   DSLR WEST wants you!                                                            
     Nato Thompson <>                                          

   Introducing: Ravi Gupta...                                                      
     "Frederick Noronha (FN)" <>                                 

   [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 32                                   
     Lloyd Dunn <>                                                    

   Journalist in Chinese Jail                                                      
     "Eduardo Navas" <>                                           

   gpgNet eForum: The Multilateral Trade Regime Seen Through a Global Public Goods 
     "Vikas Nath" <>                                              

   Online Experimental Writing Course - Alan Sondheim at trAce Online              
     Alan Sondheim <>                                              


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:28:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jeremi Sudol <>
Subject: 306090 06> call for submissions     


For Immediate Release:

306090 06>
SHIFTING INFRASTRUCTURES is accepting submissions for publication.

Call for works:

Our territorial and occupational processes are increasingly negotiated
through mobile communication methods and information technologies. Systems
of communication, data and material distribution (newscasts, fashion
trends, freight shipping, peer-to-peer file sharing software) create their
own unique infrastructures and inform existing exchange structures.
Newscasts, for example, require and affect events reported as well as the
physical hardware and transmission channels through which they broadcast.

Thresholds, transitions and discontinuities embedded in this dynamic of
infrastructural exchange suggest new (participatory or empirical)
processes to strategically discharge immanent manifestations of matter
and information.

306090 06>SHIFTING INFRASTRUCTURES will examine the current technological
infiltration into civic and social realms, where physical and cultural
infrastructures across diverse spatial and temporal scales are redefining
themselves as shifting, modulating entities via the use of new

Submissions are due 30 November 2003.

Emergent Voices: 306090 Publishes politically charged articles and
projects that defy contemporary norms. We encourage work of a
controversial nature which challenges the academic, cultural and
professional institution of architecture. 306090 is dedicated to
representing the work of students young professionals in architecture
and design.

 306090, INC.
 PO BOX 2092
 NEW YORK, NY 10013-0875


Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 12:08:39 -0400
From: "" <>
Subject: ::::: call for online art ::::

:::: Call for online art::::::
for .. will take place during the 
whole month of August in the Royal Park (Kongens Have) in central 
Copenhagen. Pio Diaz :exibition space, located by the park, will 
generate a wi-fi node and expand its territory out into the park, to 
distribute the art to the general public.

Critical and innovative projects ::::on new, invisible or dormant 
structures, socio-cultural-political, living space/strategies, emergence 
and remote collaborations are preferred. 

There will be performances, dj’s, talks, video screenings, streams, 
globo;scrambling and trans:disciplinary events going on the whole 

send the link to the actual work, quicktime, shockwave,mp3, real 
audio/video, and a 50 word text about the piece pasted into email.
If you  built an application let me know about it.

To :

Curated by Pio Diaz and Eva Sjuve


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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:05:20 -0700
From: Christine Palma <>
Subject: Project to timeline the history of knowledge/representation

I found this interesting site while surfing - this guy's personal project
to map out the history of knowledge/representation -

- --Christine

Christine Palma

"Echo in the Sense" -
- - Cultural and Public Affairs Programming

KXLU Los Angeles - 88.9 FM
Saturday Evenings from 8 to 9 PM

**streaming live - **

"Take a step into the sublime. . ."


Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 09:40:41 +0200
From: "Marieke Istha" <>
Subject: Call Artist in Residence


Artist in Residence

Starting in 2002, the media lab at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts is offering artists from The Netherlands and other countries the possibility of carrying out investigations in three areas:
	·	Streaming media
	·	Wireless applications
	·	3D applications
Artistic concept, innovation and cooperation are to be central in these investigations. Preference will be given to research which makes use of "open source" and that develops "tools" which will be available for further use. Investigations that have an interdisciplinary character will also receive preference. The artists will be working together with Dutch universities and academies in the research.

An Artist in Residence will have at his/her disposal
	·	Technical facilities, including assistance
	·	Working budget
	·	Housing
Technical specialists advise the participating artists during  research, experiments and production.

The outcome of the research will be presented in an appropriate manner, through exhibitions, discussions, seminars, publications and workshops.

Applications will be evaluated twice a year (December 1 and July 1) by an internal committee. This will be done on the basis of a research proposal with a work plan, which must include a formulation of the problem, and a description of the resources needed (technical and facilities) and the result. The artist should also submit a comprehensive biography, with documentation on his/her previous projects. The final round of the selection process will be based on an interview. The duration of the work will depend on the research proposal, but should run an average of three to six months.

For more information:
Gaby Wijers, Artlab

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo/Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
The Netherlands
1016 EV Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 6237101
F +31 (0)20 6244423


Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:37:03 +0200
From: Oliver Ressler <>
Subject: project information "European Corrections Corporation"

(for English please scroll down)

European Corrections Corporation

Ein Projekt von Martin Krenn & Oliver Ressler
Container-Installation in Wels (A)

Die Institution Gefängnis ist ein Instrument der Disziplinierung, der
Bestrafung und des Ausschlusses und fungiert als Agent der Kontrolle und
Normierung. In der heutigen Gesellschaft kommt dem Gefängnis zudem eine
wichtige Rolle als ökonomischer Produktionsort zu, an welchem die
Gefangenen zu Niedrigstlöhnen arbeiten müssen. Davon profitiert vor
allem die sich immer weiter ausbreitende private Gefängnisindustrie.

Seit den 80er Jahren erzielen in den USA Konzerne wie Wackenhut und
Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) durch die Errichtung und den
Betrieb von Gefängnisanstalten hohe Profite. In den letzten Jahren
gewinnen sie auch in Europa immer mehr an Einfluss. Sie betrachten den
europäischen Markt als Wachstumsbranche, an der sie so früh wie möglich
teilhaben wollen. CCA forciert den Bau und Betrieb von
teilprivatisierten Gefängnissen in Frankreich. Wackenhut und CCA bauen
und betreiben außerdem bereits seit mehr als zehn Jahren
Gefängnisanlagen in Großbritannien. Dort wurde seit der Öffnung des
Gefängnissystems für private Konzerne kein einziges staatliches
Gefängnis mehr errichtet.

Das Projekt "European Corrections Corporation" fokussiert das Phänomen
der voranschreitenden Privatisierung von Gefängnissen in Europa und
stellt die Institution Gefängnis in Frage. In der Welser Innenstadt wird
ein begehbarer 605 x 243 x 259 cm großer Container platziert, der von
einer bedruckten Plane ummantelt ist. Auf der Plane ist eine
detaillierte mit Texten kommentierte CAD-Grafik zu sehen, die die
mögliche zukünftige Privatisierung und den Umbau der Strafanstalt Wels
durch einen privatwirtschaftlichen Konzern visualisiert.
Wie reale Konzerne versucht EUCC (European Corrections Corporation), das
Gefängnis als deterritorialisierten Produktionsort innerhalb der
kapitalistischen Ökonomie zu nutzen und stellt ein Modell für die
gewinnbringende Verwertung der Arbeitskraft der Gefangenen vor.

Im Inneren des Containers wird ein 17 minütiges Video projiziert, das
auf einem Interview mit dem britischen Aktivisten Mark Barnsley basiert.
Barnsley war acht Jahre lang in 22 verschiedenen privaten und
staatlichen Gefängnissen in Großbritannien eingesperrt, und hat dort
konsequent die Arbeit verweigert. Mark Barnsley zeigt auf, dass sowohl
staatlich als auch privat geführte Gefängnisse den Vorstellungen von
Kriminalität als Krankheit und als soziales Übel unterliegen, die sie
als Disziplinierungsmaschinen mit Gewalt aufrecht zu erhalten versuchen.
Das Video thematisiert die Funktion und den Wandel der Institution
Gefängnis und zeigt Möglichkeiten des Widerstandes in und außerhalb der
Gefängnisse auf.

Die Container-Installation in Wels ist von 29. Juni bis 5. Juli 2003 als
Teil des Festivals der Regionen am Stadtplatz Wels zugänglich.

E N G L I S H :

European Corrections Corporation

A Project by Martin Krenn & Oliver Ressler
Container Installation in Wels (A)

The institution prison is an instrument of discipline, punishment, and
exclusion, and functions as an agent of control and normalization. In
today's society, the prison also has an additional important role as a
site of economic production, in which the prisoners must work for a
minimum wage. For the most part, it is the expanding prison industry
that profits from this enterprise.

In the U.S., corporations such as Wackenhut and Corrections Corporation
of America (CCA) have aspired to high profits through building and
operating correctional facilities since the 1980s. Their influence has
also continued to increase in Europe for the past years. They consider
the European market as a growth market, which they want a share of as
early as possible. CCA has pushed forward the construction and
management of partially privatized prisons in France. Wackenhut and CCA
have already been building and running correctional facilities in Great
Britain for more than ten years. There, not one single state prison has
been built since opening the prison system to private companies.

The project "European Corrections Corporation" focuses on the phenomenon
of the advancing privatization of prisons in Europe and questions the
institution prison. A walk-in container, 605 x 243 x 259 cm, covered
with a printed tarpaulin, will be placed in the pedestrian zone in the
center of Wels. On the tarpaulin is a detailed CAD graphic with text
commentary, which visualizes a private corporation's future
privatization and rebuilding of the Wels correctional facility.
Like a real company, EUCC (European Corrections Corporation) attempts to
use the prison as a de-territorialized site of production within the
capitalist economy and presents a model for the profitable utilization
of the prisoners' labor power. Thus, the construction of prison
buildings in the Wels correctional facility is meant to double the
number of spaces available for prisoners.

Projected inside the container will be a seventeen-minute video based on
an interview with the British activist Mark Barnsley. Barnsley was
incarcerated for eight years in twenty-two different private and state
prisons in Great Britain and consistently refused to work there.
Barnsley shows that underlying both state run and privately run prisons
is the idea that criminality is a disease and a social evil, which they
attempt to maintain with force, with disciplinary machines. The video
thematizes the function and the transformation of the prison as an
institution and shows possibilities for resistance inside and outside of
the prisons.

The container installation in Wels is accessible from 29 June to 5 July
2003 at the Stadtplatz Wels as part of the "Festival der Regionen".


Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 16:10:01 -0400
From: Nato Thompson <>
Subject: DSLR WEST wants you!

The Department of Space and Land Reclamation Wants You! 
Proposals Due August 22, 2003

The newly-founded Western Division of the Department of Space and Land
Reclamation (DSLR-West) is pleased to announce an Open Call for Submissions
& Participation in the first-ever Space & Land Reclamation Campaign west of
the Mississippi. Converging in San Francisco for 72 hours of non-stop
occupation, intervention, recreation, and re-invention of public space, the
DSLR-West campaign will take place in the first weekend in October. Using
the infamous art/punk rock/community center, Mission Badlands/Balazo Gallery
as a center of operations, DSLR-West will establish a hub from which
projects will radiate out across the metropolis. The emphasis of this
campaign is on the creative usage and appropriation of public space by
autonomous individuals and groups from all walks of life. DSLR-West is not
just interested in Art! We are interested in people taking back their cities
with a wide range of methods and approaches. We want to work with,
encourage, and be encouraged by people who want to reclaim the streets and
buildings, the empty lots and back alleys, the skies and the waterways. As
such we welcome submissions from artists and non-artists alike - urban
gardeners, media tacticians, pirate radio, interventions, graffiti, pranks,
social services, snake-charmers, performance artists, buskers, landscape
alterations, pie-throwers, street sculpture, agit-prop, aerialists,
'zine-sters, monkey-wrenchers, billboard manipulators, hackers, activists,
cultural saboteurs, kite-fliers, renegade taxi-drivers, anarchitects,
muralists, bike brigades, skaters, perfumers, aesthetic bounty-hunters,
magicians, musicians & mariachi, b-boys, grrrls & gender-benders are all

Entries will be selected by the following criteria (proposals should have
one or more of these points in mind):

1) The project is specifically geared towards reclaiming space in the Bay
Area (we will try to assist, but participants must work out the details of
their spatial reclamations). Site-specificity (e.g. - the trolley stop on
Powell & Market) and site-generality (e.g. - public
transportation) are equally acceptable but should be stated to help us
better organize.

2) The project provides free materials from the DSLR-West HQ to
visitors/participants for distribution, installation, and/or operation in
public space (i.e. - stickers, 'zines, posters, smoke bombs, stencils,
condoms, how-to manuals, noise-makers, first-aid kits, handcuff keys, kites,
etc, etc, etc).

3) The project is interactive, collaborative, and/or relational with other
individuals, groups, participants or visitors (i.e. - workshops, teach-ins,
cooking, legal services, scavenger hunts, bike rides, protests, blood
drives, etc, etc, etc). These types of projects may take place at the
DSLR-West HQ, or may use the headquarters as a meeting place/laboratory.

4) All projects will be video-documented and screened on monitors at the
DSLR-West HQ. A corresponding city map will allow visitors to reference the
project and its location in the urban environment.

5) Although the campaign will be occurring around-the-clock, individual
projects are not bound to any spatial or temporal restrictions.

Please send submissions to be received by August 22, 2003 to:

865A 52nd St.
Oakland, CA 94608

or email:

DSLR-West is organized by a small but diverse collective (kinda like the
A-Team but not all dudes) which includes artists, activists, agitators, an
analyst, a geographer, and a bike mechanic living in the San Francisco Bay
Area who were inspired by DSLR activities in Chicago, New York, and

If you would like to assist us by providing logistical, financial, or other
material support (money, labor, food, goods, printing, etc) please contact
us at:

Thanks & good luck!


Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 16:29:16 +0530 (IST)
From: "Frederick Noronha (FN)" <>
Subject: Introducing: Ravi Gupta...

 Permit me to introduce my friend Ravi Gupta, an M Tech alumni of 
IIT-Kanpur and editor of GISDevelopment. Unlike many other technocrats in 
India, he has a socially-linked vision of technology and understands the 
importance of linking it to the needs of this part of the Third World.  
He's done some pioneering work in promoting GIS applications out of 
Delhi, though a mag that has been going strong for many years now.

Recently, he launched the magazine. This is a print 
magazine, the first of its kind in India and possibly in Asia.  It looks 
at how ICT can be harnessed for development.

Ravi is also looking closely at free software/open source, and how this 
could be deployed in GIS.

Incidentally, Ravi plans to shortly be visiting the Netherlands, as a 
visiting lecturer in one of the GIS institutes there (can't recall the 
name myself). 

If you'd like to contact him, just get in touch at Ravi Gupta 
<> FN
- -- 
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Frederick Noronha (FN)        |
Freelance Journalist          |     | |
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T: 0091.832.2409490 or 2409783 M: 0 9822 122436
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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 14:54:01 +0200
From: Lloyd Dunn <>
Subject: [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 32

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#  Photostatic Retrograde Archive, simply let us know and we will remove
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Now available for download, Retrograde Release no. 20, July 2003:

PhotoStatic 32


Direct download: (5.1 Mb)

Description. "Existentialism and the Illusion of 
Choice" The theme was probably chosen after 
reading Albert Camus' L'Étranger for a French 
class, and deciding that at least the familiarity 
of the idea of existentialism would give most of 
my contributors a steady toehold upon which to 
improvise with their fruitful minds. In our view, 
they did not disappoint. Also, this issue was 
assembled in the middle of a period when our 
strongest and most reliable contributors were 
participating in the project, and many fragments 
seem part of continua of fragments found in 
previous and future issues. (The numbering at the 
end of each of the regular columns alludes to 
this.) In addition to the graphics on the front 
and back cover, regular contributor Thomas Wiloch 
also offers up another installment of his "Codes 
and Chaos" column. A significant graphic series, 
which appears at the start of the issue, is the 
work of P. Petrisko, Jr, and frequent contributor 
Guy R. Beining also contributes a series of eight 
collages in his inimitable style. Christopher 
Erin, whose work in these pages is generally 
visual, here contributes the text "Dada: Suicide 
as an Art Form." Another Important text, 
"Censorship: The Oldest of Suppressed Traditions" 
is penned by John Berndt.

Contributors include. Thomas Wiloch, Tom Hibbard, 
Alessandro Aiello, P. Petrisko Jr., Eric Gunnar 
Rochow, Guy R. Beining, Thad Metz, Hilare 
Moderne, Karen Eliot [John Berndt], The 
Tape-beatles, Uta-Maria Krapf, Thom Metzger, John 
Stickney, Musicmaster, Janet Janet, Arturo 
Guiseppe Fallico, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Lang 
Thompson, Bob Grumman, Christopher Erin, Tim 
Coats, Geof Huth, Mark Rose.

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde 
Archive serves as an electronic repository for a 
complete collection of PhotoStatic Magazine, 
PhonoStatic Cassettes, Retrofuturism, and Psrf, 
(as well as related titles). Issues are posted as 
PDF files, at more or less regular intervals, in 
reverse chronological order to form a 
chronological mirror image of the original 
series. When the first issue, dating from 1983, 
is finally posted in several year's time, then 
this electronic archive will be complete.

Issue directory:

Project URL:

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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 12:55:40 -0600
From: "Eduardo Navas" <>
Subject: Journalist in Chinese Jail

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Eduardo Navas
      Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:05:56 -0700=20
      From: "Ken Marchionno" <>=20
      To: "brian moss" <>=20
      Subject: Photojournalist Imprisoned in China=20


   (Please forward this to anyone who might be interested)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'm writing this letter to tell you about a friend of mine who is=20
currently in jail in China.  His name is Seok, Jae-hyun, a South Korean=20
photojournalist, and he was recently sentenced to two years for=20
the story of North Korean refugees in that country.  Because both North=20
Korea and China are embarrassed by their treatment of these refugees,=20
they have tried to censor the coverage of the situation.  It seems the=20
length of this sentence--which is unusual for a foreign national--is=20
meant to intimidate journalists and keep them from covering this story.  =

Forty journalists are currently in Chinese prisons, thirty-nine are=20
Chinese, only one is from another country. =20

Jae is a freelance photojournalist and a regular contributor to the New=20
York Times and Geo.  Because he is a freelancer he has no institutional=20
support and the Chinese government does not recognize his status as a=20

Jae's best hope is a major public outcry.  In 1999 freelance=20
photographer Tyler Hicks was arrested while shooting a story in=20
Chechnya.  His situation was covered in the international news and he=20
was freed after only two nights.  Jae has already been in prison for=20
over five months. =20

June 23rd is the date set for Jae's appeal.  If the Chinese Government=20
understands that there is international outrage, it is possible the=20
will be thrown out.  The aim of the arrest was to quiet interest in the=20
North Korean refugee situation.  And if by arresting Jae they call more=20
attention to the story, their tactic will have backfired and they may=20
think twice before jailing another foreign journalist.

Please help me in this effort.  As I'm sure you know, the wellbeing of=20
journalists is extremely important to the integrity of news reporting. =20
Jae has been put in jail for covering a story of international=20
importance, he is being persecuted by a government that censers its own=20
journalists and is now imprisoning foreign reporters.

What I'm asking you to do is simply e-mail the Chinese Embassy in=20
Washington.  I also ask you to e-mail major US media outlets, alert=20
to the story, and tell them how important it is that they give this=20
story the coverage it deserves.  All the information you need is below;=20
it will only take a few minutes to make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort, for my friend and for=20
integrity of journalistic freedom.  If you wish to read the story of=20
Jae's arrest, please go the following web page where I've placed links=20
to some articles and other information.

Ken Marchionno

To the Chinese Ambassador: <>

(If you don't want to write something yourself, just click on the=20
address above, paste the following into the body, and sign your name.)

Dear Ambassador Yang Jiechi,

I am writing to express my outrage over the imprisonment of South=20
photojournalist Seok, Jae-hyun, and to request his immediate release. =20
His arrest was in direct violation of international law.

Mr. Seok is a well respected photojournalist who regularly contributes=20
to the New York Times and Geo.  As a journalist his rights under=20
international law are covered in Article 19 of the United Nations=20
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this=20
includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek,=20
receive and impart information and ideas through any media and=20
regardless of frontiers."

China, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council,=20
should be aware that the arrest and detention of Seok, Jae-Hyun, who=20
trying to "seek, receive and impart information " regarding North=20
refugees, is a direct violation of Article 19 of The Universal=20
Declaration of Human Rights and of international law.

I join in the international call for Seok Jae-Hyun's immediate and=20
unconditional release and request your attention and consideration on=20
this urgent matter.


To the Media:
(paste the following into the body, and sign your name)

This letter is in reference to Seok, Jae-hyun, a South Korean=20
photojournalist being held in a Chinese prison for photographing the=20
plight of North Korean refugees.  I am concerned with the integrity of=20
news reporting when journalists must fear imprisonment for doing their=20
job.  Please cover this story so that the world will know of this=20
situation and so that Chinese government will understand that=20
imprisoning foreign journalists will only cause greater interest in a=20
story they wish to censor.  For further information, please contact Ken=20
Marchionno at:

Today Show
Nightly News

The Early Show
Evening News

Good Morning America

World News Tonight

or write to your favorite news anchors or shows

News Hour

All things Considered, hosted by Robert Siegel

New York Times
(they have published two articles on this in late May, a total of 530=20

Washington Post
Phil Bennett, Assistant managing editor, foreign news

LA Times
Marjorie Miller, Foreign Affairs Editor

Chicago Tribune
Colin McMahon, Foreign Editor

Wall Street Journal
Press Release


Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:07:28 +0200
From: "Vikas Nath" <>
Subject: gpgNet eForum: The Multilateral Trade Regime Seen Through a Global Public Goods Lens: New insights on old problems

Dear Colleagues at nettime,

I invite your participation in the discussion forum "The Multilateral =
Trade Regime Seen Through a Global Public Goods Lens: New insights on =
old problems" to be held on the global public goods Network ( = ) platform from 7 July to 21 July 2003.

You may subscribe to the discussion forum by sending a blank email to =

In the last fifty years, there has been a marked expansion of the =
multilateral trade regime-more commonly known as the World Trade =
Organization (WTO)-both in terms of coverage of issues and membership. =
Its expanded scope, particularly covering so-called =
behind-the-border-policies across a growing number of countries, makes =
this regime easily display global public goods characteristics of de =
facto non-exclusivity and non-rivalry. This regime is being placed in =
the global public domain-affecting all-largely through the confluence of =
individual countries' policies.

Yet even as the 5th WTO Ministerial meeting 2003 in Cancun, Mexico =
approaches, there is still a raging debate as to the net benefits that =
developing countries gain from membership in this regime. Many in the =
developing world argue that the last major round of trade =
negotiations-the Uruguay Round-generated skewed benefits in favor of the =
industrialized countries. Still there are those who support further =
trade liberalization and expansion of the WTO. Perhaps most important in =
the present context, the issue of whether and to what extent a new =
"development round" could be launched is at the center of ongoing =

Prospects for a "development round" in Cancun seem bleak at present. =
Already, there appears to be a stalemate on many issues of interest to =
developing countries, including, among others, those on further =
agricultural liberalization in Northern countries and the balance =
between Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) =
and health.=20
The complete background paper to the discussion would shortly become =
available at

Please join us for this debate and share with us -and the global public- =
your observations on this topic.=20

Yours sincerely,=20

Inge Kaul
Office of Development Studies

Vikas Nath=20 Forum Manager=20

United Nations Development Programme
336 East 45th Street, Uganda House=20
New York, NY 10017, USA
URL: intends to serve researchers, policymakers, business and =
civil society as a platform for information exchange and discussion on =
issues concerning the theory, policy design and practice of providing =
global public goods =20

7 July to 21 July 2003: Forum on "The Multilateral Trade =
Regime Seen Through a Global Public Goods Lens: New insights on old =
problems." Read the complete background paper to the discussion at  =

To subscribe to the forum, send a blank email to =


Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 22:50:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alan Sondheim <>
Subject: Online Experimental Writing Course - Alan Sondheim at trAce Online

Online Experimental Writing Course - Alan Sondheim at trAce Online

Alan Sondheim's course "Experimental Writing" starts at the trAce Online
Writing School on 7th July 2003. Cost £140 (about $230) for a 9-week

More information and online registration at

A roller-coaster ride to the edges of literature and philosophy on the
web. Extend your writing into new and uncharted territories and see how
far the internet can push your personal limits. There is no map for this
course - each time it runs in a different direction dictated by the
dynamic of the group itself.

Student comments: "I recommend Alan's course on Experimental Writing for
anyone wanting to discover the interface between writing and computers,
and who aren't afraid to lean a bit over the edge. Not for the faint of

"I'd thoroughly recommend this course to anyone and everyone interested in
writing. I found it vastly stimulating and productive. Any writer, from
beginner to the most experienced, would find it an invaluable way of
pushing their limits. Alan is a very skilful and generous tutor. Writers
should be queuing up to get on this one."

There is more info at the Experimental Writing course page at

You can also contact Alan Sondheim,, for further


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