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Table of Contents:

   Monday: The Think Thing Returns on Juni-Radio                                   
     Manuel Bonik <>                                             

     "Year Zero One" <>                                             

   7 ATA FESTIVAL - Lima, Peru 2003                                                
     Jose-Carlos Mariategui <>                                         

   Filmmakers present: Tuesday July 1, 20:00 hrs. Smart Cinema                     
     "SMART Project Space" <>                              

   n o  c o n c e p t - festival garage stralsund                                  
     festival garage <>                                              

   ATTENTION SYBARITES!                                                            
     _manu Luksch <>                                               

   Summer Open House                                                               
     Synne Bull <>                                            

   First opening at ALARM Gallery, this Friday in Bucktown.                        
     Alarm Gallery <>                                           

   FUSCO/DOMINGUEZ PERFORM IN LONDON                                               
     coco fusco <>                                                

   Mediamatic SuperSalon, 06.07.                                                   
     Krystian Woznicki <>                                           

   re: Salloum video installation in Ottawa at Gallery 101                                                                                     


Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 18:05:46 +0200
From: Manuel Bonik <>
Subject: Monday: The Think Thing Returns on Juni-Radio

Some hours of chances left to listen to


   IN BERLIN                            FM 104,1 MHz 

Special NightAcademy travellab Radiotion on Monday, June 30, from 6 pm



Manuel Bonik (turntables, subliminal sounds, D)
Chris Chroma (feedback trombone, musical toys, D)
S.D.C. Marquardt (accidental guitar & electronics, USA)
Mic Mikina (cross mix concepts, con-textual overdubs, AT)
Micha Schroetter (world receiver, dum dum news, D)

Live ogg/mp3 stream:
8. bis 30. juni 2003,  free radio 24 hours daily

or talk a walk to

bootlab raum 3 + raum 4
ziegelstrasse 20
berlin mitte 
(http://NightAcademy.Org is temporarely under construction)
- -- 
Manuel Bonik <>


Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 15:49:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Year Zero One" <>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Year_Zero_One_presents:_Sister_Val=E9rie_of_the_Internet?=

+ + +

Year Zero One presents: the Splash Page Project
July 1 - September 1 2003 : Sister Valérie of the Internet

We are pleased to present two online performances, and a web project by
Valérie Lamontagne entitled Sister Valérie of the Internet.
Valérie's work gravitates around performance and related elements
(documentation, costumes, installation), which play with cultural
clichés and the idea of kitsch. Integrating performance and Web,
Sister Valérie of the Internet was developed at La Chambre Blanche, and
explores the rich history of Catholicism in Québec. During the
performances, participants will witness Sister Valérie praying online
and will be able to interact directly with her by confessing their sins,
praying with her, and asking her for guidance. At all other
times the online confessional will remain active to receive your sins!

You may view the performances and the documentation at

Performance Schedule:

- -> Friday July 25: 1 - 2 PM, Eastern Standard Time
- -> Friday August 15: 1 - 2 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Time Zone Conversion:

Find out more about the artist behind Sister Valérie at her website -

Year Zero One has offered its splash page as an exhibition space for
artists that will operate on a bimonthly basis. A selection of
Canadian and international net.artists have been invited to show
their work in this forum. The Splash Page Project launched on Feb. 1,
2002 with a piece by net.artist Mouchette. The Project is curated by
Michelle Kasprzak. If you have a proposal for this space, please

Year Zero One is an on-line artist run centre which operates as a
network for the dissemination of digital culture and new media
through web based exhibitions, an extensive media arts
directory/bulletin, and the Year01 Forum - an electronic art journal.

+ + +


Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 02:17:26 -0500
From: Jose-Carlos Mariategui <>
Subject: 7 ATA FESTIVAL - Lima, Peru 2003

7   F E S T I V A L   I N T E R N A C I O N A L   D E
V I D E O / A R T E / E L E C T R Ó N I C A   2 0 0 3

Junio/Julio/Agosto 2003
June/July/August 2003

- ---->[English version at the bottom]

El 7 Festival Internacional de video/arte/electrónica a realizarse del 19 de
junio al 17 de agosto en Lima, busca analizar, descubrir y presentar las
diferentes formas en el uso de las tecnologías relacionadas a los medios
visuales de expresión, incluyendo además a la experimentación en música
electrónica.  Son catorce los invitados extranjeros para el 7 Festival:
Regis Cotentin, Anne-Sophie Emard y Gabriel Soucheyre, de Francia; Hans
Diebner de Alemania; Scott Arford, Mathew Biederman, Sue Costabile, Joshua
Kit Clayton, Christopher Musgrave, Scott Pagano, Randy Yau y Kathleen Forde,
de los Estados Unidos; Arlindo Machado, de Brasil; Maria Pallier, de España.

Por primera vez en el Perú y gracias al apoyo de Electronic Arts Intermix se
contará con una selección antológica de los más importantes exponentes del
video arte internacional: Nam June Paik, Valie Export, Gary Hill, The
Vasulkas, Tony Oursler, Bill Viola, Vito Acconci y Bruce Nauman. Más de 20
nuevos trabajos peruanos serán presentados dentro del 7 Festival,
demostrando así su carácter pionero e innovador.  El programa de proyección
de video arte internacional presentará trabajos de Alemania, Austria,
Francia, Argentina, Brasil, Estados Unidos, Sudáfrica, entre los principales

El 7 Festival Internacional de video/arte/electrónica presentará los
proyectos de  instalación: ³Video² de Iván Esquivel (Perú), ³0¹00² de
Humberto Polar Pin (Perú), ³Telúrico² de Luis García Zapatero (Perú) y
³Perceptrón Líquido² de Hans Diebner (Alemania).  Curados por Gabriel
Soucheyre se presentarán ³Flicker War² de Regis Cotentin (Francia) y
³Nindawayma² de Anne-Sophie Emard (Francia). Curados por Kathleen Forde bajo
el nombre ³SF/AV² se presentarán ³Static Room (6)² de Scott Arford (Estados
Unidos), ³Tuning Corridor² de Mathew Biederman (Estados Unidos),
³Interruption² de Sue Costabile y Joshua Kit Clayton (Estados Unidos),
³Interstice² de Christopher Musgrave (Estados Unidos) y ³Constructive
Interference² de Scott Pagano (Estados Unidos).   Asimismo, contará con la
participación de seis artistas para la realización de variados performances.
Entre las ejecuciones están: ³Static Room (3)² de Scott Arford,
³Interruption² de Sue Costabile/ Joshua Kit Clayton, ³Media Exchange² de
Mathew Biederman junto a Humberto Polar Pin, ³Gyre, Reset² de Christopher
Musgrave, ³MegaMouth² de Randy Yau.

Los lugares de presentación del 7 Festival se dividen en ocho espacios en
Lima, entre los principales: la Galería de Artes Visuales de la Universidad
Ricardo Palma, la Sala Luis Miro Quesada Garland, el ICPNA de Miraflores y
San Miguel, el Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma de la Municipalidad de
Miraflores, el Centro Cultural de España, la Galería El Ojo Ajeno del Centro
de la Fotografía, el Centro Cultural Yacana, el edificio Ferrand en el
centro de Lima.

The 7 International Festival of Video/Arte/Electronica that will take place
from June 19th until August 17th in Lima, looks for to analyze, discover and
present the different forms in the use of technologies related to the visual
expression media, including the experimentation in electronic music. 13
international guests are invited for the Festival: Regis Cotentin,
Anne-Sophie Emard and Gabriel Soucheyre, from France; Hans Diebner from
Germany; Scott Arford, Mathew Biederman, Sue Costabile, Joshua Kit Clayton,
Christopher Musgrave, Scott Pagano, Randy Yau and Kathleen Forde, from the
United States; Arlindo Machado from Brazil; Maria Pallier, from Spain.

For the first time in Peru and thanks to the support of Electronics Arts
Intermix, we will count with an anthological selection of the most important
artists of international video: Nam June Paik, Valie Export, Gary Hill, The
Vasulkas, Tony Oursler, Bill Viola, Vito Acconci and Bruce Neuman. More than
20 new Peruvian works will be premiered within Festival, thus demonstrating
its pioneering and innovating character. The program of international video
art projection includes works from Germany, Austria, France, Argentina,
Brazil, The United States, South Africa, between the main countries.

The 7 International Festival of Video/Arte/Electronica will present the
installation projects: ³Video² of Iván Esquivel (Peru), ²0´00² of Humberto
Polar Pin (Peru), ²Telúrico² of Luis García Zapatero (Peru), ³Flicker War²
of Regis Cotentin (France), ³Nindawayma² of Anne-Sophie Emard (France),
³Liquid Perceptron² of Hans Diebner (Germany), ³Static Room (6)² of Scott
Arford (The United States), ³Tuning Corridor² of Mathew Biederman (The
United States), ³Interruption² of Sue Costabile and Joshua Kit Clayton (The
United States), ³Interstice² of Christopher Musgrave (The United States) and
³Constructive Interference² of Scott Pagano (The United States).  The
festival also will count with the participation of six artists for varied
performances: ³Static Room (3)² of Scott Arford, ³Interruption² of Sue
Costabile/Joshua Kit Clayton, ³Media Exchange² of Mathew Biederman that will
work with Humberto Polar Pin and ³Gyre, Reset² of Christopher Musgrave,
³MegaMouth² of Randy Yau.

The presentations will take place in eight different venues. Between the
main ones there are: Galería de Artes Visuales of the Ricardo Palma
University, Sala Luis Miro Quesada Garland, ICPNA of Miraflores and San
Miguel, Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma- Municipalidad de Miraflores, Centro
Cultural de España, Galería El Ojo Ajeno-Centro de la Fotografía, Centro
Cultural Yacana and the Ferrand building in Lima¹s downtown.

El 7 Festival agradece el apoyo y participación de las siguientes
instituciones / The 7 Festival acknowledges the support and participation of
the following institutions:

* La Fundación Daniel Langlois por el Arte, la Ciencia y la Tecnología
* Goethe Institut ­Inter Nationes
* Embajada de Francia en el Perú
* Embajada de los Estados Unidos en el Perú
* Embajada de Brasil enel Perú
* Centro Cultural de España ­ AECI
* Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Lima ­ ICPNA
* Centro de la Fotografía ­ Galería El Ojo Ajeno
* Municipalidad de Miraflores
* Hotel La Paz 
* Hotel El Pardo -DoubleTree
* Electronic Arts Intermix
* Asociación Cultural Videobrasil
* Hivos 
* World Wide Video Festival
* KLM 
* Centro Cultural Yacana
* Alianza Francesa -Miraflores

7 Festival Internacional de video/arte/electrónica 2003
Lima - Peru


Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 13:31:31 +0200
From: "SMART Project Space" <>
Subject: Filmmakers present: Tuesday July 1, 20:00 hrs. Smart Cinema 

SMART Project Space | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 20, Amsterdam, +31 =
(0)20 427 5951 =20
Tuesday July 1, 20.00 hrs. Smart Project Space presents:

A series in which film- and video makers present their work

Tuesday 1st July, 20:00 h. | Jeroen Offerman and Jaap Pieters

Jeroen Offerman is a versatile artist creating works in media ranging as =
widely as installations, packaged plants, performances, a record, =
tattooed cactuses, computer works, flies in cages,  birds on the central =
station in Amsterdam, and video works. Themes range from romantic nature =
through urban landscape to pop-music and popular culture. Characteristic =
in all these works is an interest in the staging of objects and events, =
as is the case in the three video works Offerman will present here.

The Stairway at St.Paul's (2002/03, DV, 8.40 min.) For this video the =
artist practiced three months in a row to learn to sing Led Zeppelins =
most famous song Stairway to Heaven entirely backwards. This video is =
based on the hysteria that surrounded certain music-recordings of the =
60's and the 70's, like the Beatles, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin, that =
were supposed to have put hidden and evil messages in their records that =
could only be heard when played backwards.

The Great Escape (2000/01, DV, 10 min.) The Great Escape is an homage to =
the Romantic paintings of Kaspar David Friedrich and sci-fi films like =
'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'the Day the Earth Stood Still' =
in which extra-terrestrials come to earth to save mankind from its own =
destruction.The work is conceived as a looped video installation=20

Jean & Jeroen: the Bed-In (2002/03, DV, 6 min.) On the video we see a =
couple lying in bed,=20

talking and smoking a cigarette together. Because the video doesn't =
contain sound the impression is raised that we are 'voyeurs', as if we =
glance through a window. At first sight we seem to watch an intimate and =
peaceful situation. But at second glance we get the impression something =
is not right and feels very uncomfortable. The title of the work refers =
to the legendary 'bed-in' performances for peace of John Lennon and Yoko =
Ono (in the Hilton Hotel of Amsterdam, 1969).

Jaap Pieters is a filmmaker who confines himself to the material he =
uses: super 8 film reels=20

with a length of just over 3 minutes. In that short stretch of time he =
concentrates on one single subject. This might be a man doing something =
unusual on the street, or the top of a gigantic hogweed, barely visible =
above a wall, swinging to and fro in the wind. In these films Pieters is =
interested in the boundary between film and photography. To bring =
photographs to life and to almost enstill film images into photographs, =
so that the viewer will experience the field of tension between moving =
and still image and the extent to which the two are connected. His films =
are made with a minimal use of equipment and minimal manipulation.

Among other films will be shown:

Het Gewicht (a.k.a Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow & Blue) (1998, Super 8, 6 =
min. 10)
Willem I Willem II Willem III (1991, Super 8, 17 min. 12)
De kopjesdans (1993, Super 8, 3 min. 20)
Dansende Trap (1999, Super 8, 3 min. 20)
De Blikjesman (1991, Super 8, 3 min 20)
Passanten op Zondag (1995, Super 8, 3.20 min.)
Een Zwitsers Libel (2000, Super 8, 3 min. 20)
Radioman & De Kaarsenvrouw (1996, Super 8, 10 min.)

for further information please contact
Location: Smart Cinema
Price: 5.50 Euro

SMART Project Space |
Exhibition Space & Cinema: 1e Const. Huygensstraat 20 =20
Opening times: Tues-Sat from 12.00-22.00, Sun from 14.00-22.00 hrs.
Mail to: P.O.Box 15004, NL-1001 MA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 427.5951
Fax.: +31 20 427.5953

If this e-mail was forwarded to you by way of someone other then SMART =
Project Space, and you would appreciate to receive further mailings =
announcing exhibitions at SMART Project Space, you can send mail to = with the following command in the body of =
your email message: "subscribe e-mailing SPS"

If you would want to remove yourself from this mailing list, you can =
send mail to with the following command in =
the body of your email message: "unsubscribe e-mailing SPS"


Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 17:12:02 +0200
From: festival garage <>
Subject: n o  c o n c e p t - festival garage stralsund

Please forward this to any individuals or mailing lists that you
feel it would be of interest to. German version below

- --------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------------------------------------------------
N o  C o n c e p t  --  A State of Being

Pocket-earthquakes and underwater-phenomena, muezzin singing from church
steeple, a brass orchestra at half speed, digestion sounds out of Polish
synthesizers, building instructions for home security cameras, heavy bass
concerts by low-riders, swaying pillars of bridges, mobile phones that cause
entire walls to vibrate, cooking as a means of self-defence... not enough?
Do you sometimes feel an inexplicable bothersome vibration in the stomach
area? Have you ever asked yourself why an apple sounds better than a peach?
Are you sure that no one is interested in your deleted data? Have you always
wondered what the insides of a computer corps look like? Can you imagine
what happens when a rowdy Finn meets an Icelander with an unlimited
tolerance to alcohol? Have you suffered from persecution mania? Nothing puts
you off? Are you sure?

Trial and error as a strategy of the future? Insecurity as creative force?
Change as generating mechanism?

The 7th annual garage festival, which will take place from the 25th of July
until the 16th of August, seeks to explore the methods and points of view of
the creative process by looking at the principles and manifestations
of insecurity and disorientation. The festival presents exhibitions,
installations, concerts/ performances, lectures, films and workshops
over the course of three weeks.


- - Mark Bain: Trembling Structures - (NL)
- - Alex Davies: Heterodyne - multi-channel sound installation (AUS)
- - Christian Engler: Sonic Maze - sound labyrinth (D)
- - X.v.Wersch/D.Krooshof/T.Scheele: Fruit Power - juicy sound installation (NL)
- - Robot Software/Paul Webb: Garbage In/Garbage Out - data trash 
installation (E)
- - Hans Lotz/Alexander Döbler: Eiscafé - the world ascardboard model (D)
- - Gudrun F. Widlok: Adopted - project (D)
- - Aniko Szövenyi: Self-Trigger Keys, installationen in the public 
space (HU/USA)
- - triPhaze: DIY:CCTV - whatch who's whatching - installation (D)
- - Matthias Fitz: MobileMinder - installation for mobile phones (D)
- - J.Tieke/E.Falat/K.Clysters: Wir-AG/application - project (D)
- - Dick El Dermasiados, IBW / Geert-Jan Hobijn, Staalplaat Soundsystem:
   Jumpy Germanyness - concert for brass orchestra and vacuum cleaners (NL)
- - Kevin Blechdom - banjo-laptop-electro-trash-performance (USA/D)
- - Anchortronic 5.1 Dolby Surround with: m9 (A), nt (A), Alex Davies (AUS),
   Michael Strohmann (A) - space sound installation, project presentation
- - Peter Bosch/Simone Simons: Krachtgever - 2,5x12 m sound machine(NL/E)
- - reformat c(lub) I: Poil: Bavarian yodels digital - performance (D) + Andrey
   Kiritchenko: microwave music from Ukraine - performance (UKR) + triPhaze (D)
- - Richard Chartier - music on the edge of the perceivable (USA) (tbc)
- - Hans W. Koch: explosion sketch for a computer corps (D)
- - Thom Kubli / Sven Mann - 5.1 performance
- - Christian Cordes / Daniel Funke: m.u.g.*shop - project/workshop (D)
- - Kein Babel - Don't do this with records! (D)
- - Radboud Mens / Sasker Scheerders: Boom Car Concert (NL)
- - De Bar: Meeuw (NL), Helgi Thorrson (ISL), Felix Kubin (D), Paska (FIN)
- - Jason Kahn - Sine Field, sine waves sound installation (CH)
- - Kotra + akuvido: obscure, bizarre, extremely noisy - performance (UKR)
- - club transmediale on tour: bug button - the repelling: Marc Weiser + Lillevän
   / Oliver Baurhenn / Datenreport / Miko Mikona / Cécile Bbabiole / Jan Rohlf
- - Metaflexes: Realtime Remix No. 3 - Ignaz Schick + Perlonex (D) + Jacek
   Staniszewski: remixing metaflex - performance (PL)
- - Survolt: Christof Migone / Martin Tétreault (CAN) + Retro*Sex*Galaxy (PL) -
- - Panel "Instable Systems": cooking without recipes or art as speculation:
   Andreas Broeckmann (D), Antye Greie (D), Simon Waters (UK), EricHobijn (NL),
   Thilges3 (A), and others
- - Trial and Error - short film festival g-niale with international competition
   programme, special screenings, short films for kids and many moreŠ

updates and detailed information:

garage is a platform for contemporary art and culture. The festival is a
field for experimentation for new concepts in production, presentation and
discussion of cultural content. Every year artists, musicians and theorists
from Germany and abroad are invited to develop and realise innovative
projects. The focus lies on the search for possibilities of art and culture
to contribute to a social and cultural developing process.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
n o   c o n c e p t - eine Zustandsbeschreibung

Taschenerdbeben und Unterwasserphaenomene, Muezzingesaenge vom Kirchturm,
Blasorchester mit halber Geschwindigeit, Verdauungsgeraeusche aus polnischen
Synthesizern, Bauanleitungen fuer private Ueberwachungskameras, basslastige
Konzerte aus tiefergelegten Autos, schwankende Brueckenpfeiler,
Mobiltelefone, die ganze Waende zum Schwingen bringen, Kochen als
Selbstverteidigung... Nicht genug?
Verspueren Sie auch oefter so ein unerklaerliches stoerendes Vibrieren in
der Magengegend? Haben Sie sich jemals gefragt, warum ein Apfel besser als
ein Pfirsich klingt? Sind Sie sicher, dass sich wirklich niemand für Ihre
geloeschten Daten interessiert? Wollten Sie nicht schon immer wissen, wie es
im Innern eines Computerleichnams aussieht? Haben Sie vielleicht eine
Vorstellung, was passiert, wenn ein groelender Finne auf einen trinkfesten
Islaender trifft? Leiden Sie eigentlich auch manchmal unter Verfolgungswahn?
Sie lassen sich also nicht verunsichern. Sind Sie sicher?

Trial and Error als Strategie der Zukunft? Unsicherheit als kreative Kraft,
Zufall als generativer Mechanismus?

Das vom 25.07. bis zum 16.08. stattfindende 7. Festival garage sucht nach
Ansaetzen und Positionen zur kuenstlerischen Auseinandersetzung mit
Prinzipien und Erscheinungsformen von Unsicherheit und
Orientierungslosigkeit. Das Festival praesentiert drei Wochen lang
Ausstellungen, Installationen, Konzerte/Performances, Vortraege,
Filmscreenings und Workshops.

u.a. mit:

- - Mark Bain: Trembling Structures (NL)
- - Alex Davies: Heterodyne (AUS)
- - Christian Engler: Sonic Maze - Klanglabyrinth (D/UK)
- - X.v.Wersch/D.Krooshof/T.Scheele: Fruit Power - obstige Klanginstallation (NL)
- - Robot Software/Paul Webb: Garbage In/Garbage Out - 
Datenmuell-Installation (E)
- - Hans Lotz/Alexander Doebler: Eiscafe - Die Welt als Pappmodell (D)
- - Gudrun F. Widlok: Adopted - Projekt (D)
- - Aniko Szoevenyi: Self-Trigger Keys, Installation im oeffentlichen 
Raum (HU/USA)
- - triPhaze: DIY:CCTV watch who's watching - (D)
- - Matthias Fitz: MobileMinder - Installation für Mobilfunk (D)
- - Julia Tieke / Elke Falat / Katja Clysters: Wir-AG/Bewerbung - Projekt (D)
- - Dick El Dermasiados, IBW / Geert-Jan Hobijn, Staalplaat Soundsystem:
   Jumpy Germanyness - Konzert fuer Orchester und Staubsauger (NL)
- - Kevin Blechdom - Banjo-Laptop-Electrotrash-Performance (USA/D)
- - Anchortronic 5.1 Dolby Surround u.a. mit: m9 (A), earcondition (A), 
Alex Davies
   (AUS), Michael Strohmann (A) - Raumklanginstallation, Projektpraesentation
- - Peter Bosch / Simone Simons: Krachtgever - 2,5 x 12 m Klangmaschine (NL/E)
- - reformat c(lub) I: Poil: bayerische Jodler digital - Performance (D) + Andrey
   Kiritchenko: Mikrowavemusik aus der Ukraine - Performance (UKR) + 
triPhaze (D)
- - Hans W. Koch: Sprengzeichnung fuer einen Computerleichnam (D)
- - Thom Kubli / Sven Mann - 5.1 Performance (D)
- - Richard Chartier: Musik am Rande des Wahrnehmbaren (USA) (tbc)
- - Christian Cordes / Daniel Funke: m.u.g.*shop - Projekt/Workshop (D)
- - Radboud Mens / Sasker Scheerder: Boomcar Concert (NL)
- - De Bar: Meeuw (NL), Helgi Thorsson (ISL), Felix Kubin (D), Paska (FIN)
- - Musik und Cocktails auf eigene Gefahr
- - Kein Babel - Das darf man nicht mit Platten machen (D)
- - Jason Kahn: Sine Field, Sinuswellen-Klanginstallation (CH)
- - Kotra + akuvido: obskur, bizarr, extrem noisy - Performance (UKR)
- - club transmediale on tour: bug button - the repelling: Marc Weiser 
+ Lillevän /
   Oliver Baurhenn / Datenreport / Miko Mikona / Cécile Bbabiole / Jan Rohlf
- - Metaflexes: Realtime Remix No.3 - Ignaz Schick + Perlonex (D) + 
Jacek Staniszewski:
   remixing-metaflex - Performance (PL)
- - Survolt: Christof Migone / Martin Tétreault (CAN) + retro*sex*galaxy (PL)
- - Symposium "Instabile Systeme": Kochen ohne Rezept oder Kunst als Spekulation:
   Andreas Broeckmann (D), Antye Greie (D), Simon Waters (UK), Erik Hobijn (NL),
   Thilges3 (A),  u.a.
- - Trial and Error - Kurzfilmfestival g-niale mit internationalem Wettbewerb,
   Sonderscreenings, Kinderfilmprogramm

Updates und genaue Informationen zum Festival/Programm

fon: +49 (0) 3831 298429

garage versteht sich als Plattform für zeitgenoessische Kunst und Kultur.
Das Festival zeigt neue Ansaetze in Produktion, Praesentation und Diskussion
kultureller und medialer Inhalte. Jaehrlich im August werden Kuenstler,
Musiker und Theoretiker im internationalen Kontext eingeladen, auf dem
Festival innovative Projekte zu entwickeln und zu realisieren. Wesentlicher
Punkt dabei ist die Frage nach den heutigen Moeglichkeiten von Kunst und
Kultur, einen gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungsprozess mitzugestalten.


Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:01:09 +0100
From: _manu Luksch <>


a mouth-watering live streaming event thursday 17 july 2003, from 1800
(GMT+1) on http://www.ambientTV.NET, part of the summer season SEX FOOD
POLITICS commissioned by Moonradio.
              the only way to miss it online is to get it wet!

for an exclusive chance to experience this extreme gastro-audio-visual feast
in person, with a companion of your choice, at ambient space, send in your
answers to the cryptic menu quiz on the moonradio website (points for the
best wrong answers!)


8 cryptic clues animate the moonradio website; use the clues and the letter
counter online to figure out the eight courses of an extreme meal, and
submit the online form for a chance to win an unforgettable feast for you
and a companion.



Combining the fine traditions of TV cookery shows and extreme gastronomy in
a sensory networked cook-in, hungry artists gather to reinterpret rituals of
food preparation and to serve a succession of ambrosial dishes to overload
the senses of live and remote participants.

The AV DINNERS gastronomic extravaganza will be led by the notorious epicure
Vitamin AA, assisted by his able auxiliary, Koko di Mari. Lux will provide
flashes and glimpses, and Mux the cable spaghetti and slurps. Aur-or-al
poetics will be courtesy of Shane Solanki (Ninja wordsmith, no less!).
Dancing waiter: Michael U!, stream cocktail: Agent Gav.


the sounds and colours  of  Vitamin AA¹s salacious cooking methods serve as
sources for an audio-visual feast, which will be streamed online on the
night. Remote participants choose from 3 audio streams: the kitchen sounds
processed into the ambient soundscape by Mux, poetic ruminations on the
smells and tastes by Shane, and behind-the-scenes commentary by the rest of
the crew, revealing the studio setup, streaming techniques, and use of
hardware and software . . .

              BON APP!

but beware: Vitamin AA's dishes are crafted to loosen corsets, set tongues
wagging, and unhinge minds without mercy. So, whether you're joining us
online or cunning enough to win the extreme menu challenge and be with us in
person, be careful whom you bring along . . . licentiousness and depravity
are almost inevitable.


17th of July:

London: live event & meal (for quiz winners only) @ ambient space

Helsinki: Join the dinner table at MYYMÄÄLÄ, Mechelininkatu 12-14, and dine
online with London

Online: join the chat and enjoy the stream at

Edinburgh: revisit AV DINNERS during the Fringe Festival @ YO! Sushi
Bristol: @ Ladyfest

        ambientTV.NET is a crucible for independent, interdisciplinary
projects ranging in form from installation through documentary, dance, and
theatre, to sound and video composition and manipulation. We continue to
develop social and technical infrastructure and promote network
architectures that allow explorations of alternatives to current
socio-political and economic practice. Techniques and effects of live data
broadcasting and transmission provide theme, medium, and performative space
for many of the works.

- -
- -

___________________Manu Luksch____
T: +44 7951539144_________________________


Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 09:56:59 -0700
From: Synne Bull <>
Subject: Summer Open House

Summer Open House
Sunday, July 13, 12 noon - 5pm

HCA Buildings 944 and 945

Experience the creative process and see exciting works-in-progress at HCA'S
SPRING OPEN HOUSE. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to enter the
intimate setting of an artist's studio - more than 30 Artists-In-Residence
and Bay Area Affiliate Artists will be on hand to meet the public and
discuss their work. Artists' studios are located at Fort Barry buildings
944, 945, 952, 960 and 961 and will be open from 12-5 PM. An overview and
orientation will take place at noon at Fort Barry Building 944 in the
Eastwing and a diverse array of performances, readings, and discussions will
take place throughout the day. Food and beverages will be sold in our Mess
Hall Café all afternoon. Admission is FREE!

Directions to Headlands Center for the Arts

HCA is located in Fort Barry in the Marin Headlands. | 424 Jones #604 | SF | CA 94102 | 415 567 6457


Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 11:08:06 -0500
From: Alarm Gallery <>
Subject: First opening at ALARM Gallery, this Friday in Bucktown. 

You're invited to Alarm Gallery's opening of Karen Tam's Solo Project: Long
Time Friends to be Married, a mixed media installation.

Reception July 11, 2003, 6-10 PM, at 1917 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago.
The show will run through August 20, 2003.
See details at:

Exhibition Overview: After discovering how to fold a floppy diskette holder
from an English book on origami, Tam decided to make modulars, fashioning
wheels of magazine =B3flowers=B2 from the diskette holders.  With each flower
taking its name from the magazine or material it is constructed from, this
installation references globalization and the creation of global products.
At the same time Tam explores the formal relationship between the color and
placement of the wheels within themselves and the inclusion of fake plants
and a framed moving waterfall.  What is important to the artist is the
mobility of the nature she has created and its transient status, being able
to open and close each flower, pack them in a box and move them to the next
destination with a minimum of effort.

Artist Profile: Born in 1977 in Montr=E9al, Canada, Karen Tam received her
Dipl=F4me d=B9=C9ducation Coll=E8giale from Dawson College, her BFA in Studio Arts
from Concordia University and her MFA in Sculpture from The School of the
Art Institute of Chicago.  In 2002, Tam=B9s video Plum Sauce won Audience
Choice Award at the Chicago Asian American Film Festival.  Shown in various
group and solo exhibitions in Montr=E9al, St. Jer=F4me, Kingston, Chicago and
Florida, Tam currently teaches art and Chinese culture in the Chinese
American Service League=B9s after-school program.


>From Long Time Friends to be Married

ALARM Gallery=20
1917 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois =20
(773) 278-6772=20
ALARM Gallery actively supports the arts by providing solo exhibition space
for new and emerging artists.  ALARM is firmly committed to providing a
viable forum that embraces traditionally under-represented groups including=
but not limited to women, people of color and those from other social,
economic and ideological classes.=20


Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 12:38:22 +0200
From: Krystian Woznicki <>
Subject: Mediamatic SuperSalon, 06.07. 


after networking for about four years beyond the physical borders of Berlin,
our first actual contact with the exterior of the German capital is about to
happen! We are going to Amsterdam, where we co-curated a programme of
German-Turkish Culture from Berlin for the Mediamatic Supermarket.
What follows below is some background info on the project. Well, perhaps
see some of you there...

Best wishes,


- -

[ ] German-Turkish Culture from Berlin

Sunday, 06. July 2003
Mediamatic Supermarket, Amsterdam
Free Entry

By employing notions of community and network the digital mini-newspaper
Berliner Gazette ( translates the cultural segment
of the conventional print newspaper into the electronic context. Its unique
format hence constantly shifts between openness (participation, etc.) and
closure (selective information economy, etc.) thereby reaching far beyond
the physical borders of Berlin. Even though the readers/contributors of the
Berliner Gazette might physically be located in cities like Amsterdam, they
are part of the Network Berlin of which the 1999 founded digital
mini-newspaper is an essential nod.

Part of the Network Berlin is for example the Turkish community. After
several generations of Turkish immigrants have made Germany their home,
Turkish culture in Berlin has become an interesting bastard mix of
German-Turkish stereotypes and their differences.


WAFFA EL-HAGE MOUSSA will talk about x-berg ( A project
that is dedicated to demystify Kreuzberg as an area whose image is
suspended between being a criminal haven for drug dealers and a run down
ghetto slum. x-berg tries to correct this image by organising guided tours,
leading participants to the hot spots of the area.

As an actor in various international productions as well as German TV soap
operas, ERCAN DURMAZ will show a clip comprising his TV appearances and
talk about his role as a drug dealer in Lars Beckers cult movie Kanak
Attak, which will be shown later on in the evening.

SUAT ÖZKAN introduces us into the world of Suattime, his own TV show for
Germany´s most popular German-Turkish channel TD1. With guests such as
Turkish body guards, Turkish pop stars and immigrants children, he
continuously explored controversial social issues.

NEZAKET EKICI will show her project Hullabelly, a performance for a Turkish
woman and a hullahoop. See for more work of Nezaket:

[ ] 6-10 pm: PARTY

with Turkish food, dance and music and the screening of
   >Kanak Attak< by Lars Becker (D, 1999, 89 min)

[ ] Organiser

[ ] Curatorship

[ ] Support


Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 15:58:34 EDT
Subject: re: Salloum video installation in Ottawa at Gallery 101


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