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<nettime> alpha 3.8, geographically in Cambodia

Hi list,
We wish to inform you about our current project. The project has now been 
translocated to a server in Cambodia (Phenom Pehn). Below is the Bulletin 
from the project. Or this explains about the project in more detail. 

Basically, alpha 3.8 is an attempt to webhost the tsunamii.net site around 
the world ('daisy chain' geographically)- starting from Singapore and back. 
There were some interesting discussions on slash-dot. 

The original plan was to go through Myanmar, but has proven to be too 
expensive (at this moment) and in Laos, webhosting services would not be 
ready till next year. Although, the bubble burst, for most, the bubble have 
not arrived.

As we are journeying into China, we are hoping to get in touch with 
tech/art groups, communities - to find out about webservers located in the 
middle east, Africa, Antartica and anywhere you think that web hop will be 
interesting. If you know... or if you are ... do let us know.

yours tien

ps. sorry for cross posting. Please forward to interested parties!

*            A website coming near you soon.        *
==   alpha 3.8 Bulletin, issue 2, 26 June 2003  ==
==        < http://www.tsunamii.net >          =====
==                            edited by Tien    ========
* alpha 3.8: translocation commissioned by Gallery 9/Walker Art Centre 
through a grant from Jerome Foundation

Welcome to the alpha 3.8 Bulletin. This is a regular, free, email bulletin 
to inform you of the translocation of the tsunamii.net website, new 
additions to the site, news and writings related to the alpha 3.8 project. 
The bulletin is distributed every time the site is being translocated.

# NEW: webserver Location
The tsunamii.net website has moved on the 23 June 2003. It is hosted on a 
web server in Cambodia.

#NEW: Plot a Traceroute
The traceroute world map is reset for CAMBODIA. How do you connect to 
tsunamii.net website located in Cambodia from where you are? GOTO: alpha 
3.8: dedicated

Plot and find out...

#NEW: Is Emerging artist/Emergent MEdium: The last Walker Net Art Commission?

#NEW: alpha 3.8 in Interruptions
alpha 3.8 is in the inaugural exhibition of the Cyber art gallery in the 
Singapore Art Museum..

#Wanna discuss more on the alpha 3.8: translocation forum?
Or discuss local situations / recommend servers / imagine countries.

#Interesting & related links
http://www.networldmap.com - where are you on the net?
http://www.camweb.org - Cambodia web portal "where a majority of the 
Cambodians on the Internet are hanging out. ... " (server seems to be in 

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Translocation : alpha 3.8 - http://www.fragnetics.com/articles/alpha38
Walker Arts Center : http://www.walkerart.org/gallery9
Server Suicide : alpha 3.5 Crush - http://www.fragnetics.com/projects/crush

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