A Dontigny on Sat, 5 Jul 2003 05:11:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> baghdad blogger cut-up

baghdad blogger cut-up

try and mouth to trying life to our troops
more Americans fix life
Americans leave
maybe later killed rapeing most wounded

monkeys are dirt
only liberation spread money and oil reality,
monkeys dying ungrateful ignorant
liberation great *censored*
Americans fire anyone sick
find Saddam's hands working
trying to take YOU
people having salaries to bother
Americans said,
what people you fool
the looted work against eaten masses
go wonder we public got panic mouth that whiners

people ignorant even first
just trash, the fools
mouth us again!
neighbors wounded
"the major killed us nicest, keep you happy each round"
sparks ,sparks,
dying and other movement help us convince rocks, grenades
inflicting hidden revolution comprehension
really you're like that $20 shot,
work your mouth any all?
called working got panic you're others
the decent where agitated got panic stoned,
got panic fix Saddam

God working fix fiasco
without dirty work,
dirt terribly beginning to keep freedom
Americans ignorant help trying
we absolutely misinformed
think Sodom reasons
Iraq's people past hopefully idiot at incoherent fantasy
act rapeing even Saddam
to kill and be Saddam
real regime are the $20 spending average

You are sometimes thousands
easy attitude convoy something
of which terrible speed isn't what we should poop blowing

people fingers having salaries
you fix help and 'die'
you help pillaging people
just guard smart radiation

agitated 'die' to an *censored* reservoir
shoot will 'die' humanitarian
you fiasco

major freedom past your masses
the money knows sides

freedom computer
troops everlasting
and eating the misinformed
wounded revolution can figure seeds that promise radioactive safety

blowing up the discussion
yourself only turns monkey
shooting only was something but yourself
need to threatens opportunities about past

luck misinformed
miserable, all whiny of trash
proper big you republican tyrant
radioactive even during incoherent fantasy
your realize your the hand,
you front terrible activity
improve unplug bother
rapeing some freedom
& work chances(money)

revolution $20 Iraqi of you dirt stupid?
ungrateful today and grenaded, staunting you sheep,
inflicting American mouth for you
claiming you're against computers
movement against attacking total reservoir
$20 yourself government!
the $20 revolution with opportunities
that 'monkey' is working with us
watching resistance snap

absolutely spending finest republican 'monkeys'
ignorance *censored* and killed
liberation killed stoned,
no Americans like Americans
some accept Americans biggest butts

you are the one threatening 'wonderful' troop's
aren't you getting sparks ,sparks,
we butts realized these people slaughtered work a lot
poop Iraqis losses
act computer monkeys
convince troops the hard time
we rape sparks ,sparks

freedom as unbelieveable activity threatening attention
all up! you kind Americans fiasco
the looted said, HELP
or maybe radiation would improve average liberation movements
Americans looted $20
poop 'right' dirty work
dirt Saddam
republican hopefully sabotaging happy



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