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[here's a fun mental exercise. 
go to wherify.com and notice the subscriber 
login on the main page. then click on 
'wherify store' and you get a notification 
(if you haven't turned them off) that you 
are about to view pages over a secure connection. 
hmmmm.... so apparently a parent would be sending 
their 'security code' unencrypted over the internet, 
giving access to anyone of real-time locations of 
their children, while they are presumably away from 
home under only the guard of an gps-based electronic 
virtual babysitter. real secure. don't worry though, 
the child is shackled to his/her electronic tether 
and can only remove the locator by making a call to 
the parents who then log on to the internet, *with 
the same unencrypted security code*, to remotely u
nlatch the electronic-watch-cuff. well, at least my 
credit card number will be secure. gee, should i get the 
'liberty', 'freedom', or 'independence' plan? 
p.s. son/daughter, if kidnapped, make sure you don't 
leave the coverage area, ok?]


 GPS Locator

Peace of Mind for Parents.
Cool for Kids.

Children have a natural urge to explore. Parents have a natural desire to know
their children are safe. 

That's why Wherify created the world's first Personal Locator to help you
determine your child's location in minutes. Wherify's GPS Locator helps keep
loved ones safe by combining Wherify's patented technology with the U.S.
Department of Defense's multi-billion dollar Global Positioning System (GPS)
satellites plus the largest 100% digital, nationwide PCS wireless network. 

So relax. Now you can have peace of mind 24 hours a day while your child is the
high tech envy of the neighborhood! 

Click here to access our FAQs
Click here to contact customer care
Click here for our user guide

Comes in two colors: Galactic Blue and Cosmic Purple

Click here to view   Click here to view 


1.   Call 1-877-XXX-XXXX
(to be supplied)
or log on to www.wherify.com

 2.   We'll map your child's location within feet and provide the closest
street address.

Click on screenshots to enlarge.

In case of emergency, you can request a 911 response 

Click here to check our coverage area
Click here for service plan information
Click here for our user guide 


Choose Your Map Style
Choose a standard street map or custom aerial photo. Then zoom in, zoom out,
pan right or left for a better look.

Go Breadcrumbing!
Soccer game? Play practice? With our "breadcrumb" feature, you can pre-set
times for "locates" to ensure your child arrives safely.

Unlock The Locator Remotely
Your child has safely arrived at the pool party. Now unlock the locator via
Internet or phone so your child can remove it.

Update Your Profile
Did your emergency contact phone number change? Is Junior a year older? It's
easy to update your Profile screen.

PLUS! View location history, page your child, keep track of more than one
child, and much more! 


GPS Locator for Kids

$399.99 plus tax and shipping 

View Rate Plan Information
View Coverage Maps 

Package Contains: 
  GPS Locator 
Key Fob 
AC Battery Charger 
User Guide 
Quick Start Guide 
  Any telephone 
  - or - 

Any computer with Internet access 
- Microsoft IE 3.0+ or Netscape Navigator 3.0+ 
- 800x600 minimum monitor resolution 
Wherify Service Plan (options range from $24.95 - $34.95/month) 
Wireless Coverage 
No additional software required 
This product is only for use in the USA 

Click here for Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident you'll be 100% satisfied with your Wherify GPS Locator, we guarantee it. Simply return your complete, undamaged locator with proof of purchase within 30 days for a full refund. 

Click here to view our brochure.
Click here for our user guide


Wherify's Monthly Service Plans

Service Rate Plan    Liberty     Independence     Freedom     High Usage  
Monthly Service Charge     $24.95    $29.95    $34.95    $49.95 
Included Online Services:              
Locates and Pages     20    30    40    80 
Remote Unlocks     unlimited     unlimited     unlimited     unlimited  
Included Live Operator Assistance:              
Locates, Pages or Remote Unlocks     3    4    5    5 
Emergency 911 Panic Alert     4/yr    4/yr    4/yr    4/yr 
Optional Online Services:              
Additional Locate     $0.95    $0.85    $0.75    $0.50 
Additional Page     $0.20    $0.15    $0.15    $0.15 
Temporary Guardian Set-up     $6.95    $6.95    $6.95    $6.95 
Optional Live Operator Assistance:     
 Additional Locate, Page or Remote Unlock     -- $5.00 -- 
Additional Emergency 911 Panic Alerts     -- $15.00 -- 
Temporary Guardian Set-up     -- $12.95 -- 
Additional Charges:      
One Time Activation Fee (required)     -- $35.00 -- 

* All Wherify service plans have a minimum one year agreement


Check Coverage Maps:

With Wherify's GPS Locator, you can determine the location of your child whether he or she is playing in your own backyard or at a relative's house across the country. The GPS Locator uses state-of-the-art enhanced GPS technology and the largest 100% digital nationwide PCS wireless network to determine and communicate the location of the person wearing the device. Service from both are needed for complete, end-to-end location reporting to occur. 

 Click below to search by State and determine if there is coverage in your desired area. 

Note: If the Locator is outside a PCS signal area or does not receive a PCS signal, no location report will be provided.  


Future Applications

Wherify Wireless is developing products and services that will make them one of the worlds leading providers of location-based products and services.

Future product development includes: 
Personal Electronics
Asset Tracking
Currency Tracking
Fleet Management
Pet Care
Law Enforcement

Subscriber Login  
 User ID:     
Security Code:    
 Remember Logon Info  
Menu  Locate  Page  Unlock

Find a Reseller Near You!

"Unbelievable... Cutting edge technology that will help keep your children
safe" - Oprah 

"..the latest must have..." 
- Parenting Magazine 
"ingenious watch-size location device" 
- Business 2.0 
"trendy, sporty style..." 
- T3 Magazine 
"This watch can make a difference" 
- NBC 7 News at Five - WHDH TV - Boston 
"What will they think of next?" 

    CES 2002 Winner Best of Innovations Personal Electronics 
    CES 2002 Honoree Design & Engineering Award Wireless Communications 
    RetailVision Fall 2001 - Best New Product

RetailVision Fall 2001 - Best New Technology 
    Popular Mechanics Winner - Editor's Choice 

Click here to see our most recent awards.  
FCC Chairman Michael Powell meets Timothy Neher and learns about Wherify's GPS
Personal Locator at CTIA 2002.

Click on image to see larger picture.    

 ABC - 7 On Your Side  Forbes  Wherify partners with PSB Corporation 
 CBS National Marketwatch  Wired  Wherify partners with Qualcomm 
 KPIX-TV 5 San Francisco  Time Magazine  Wherify partners with Fischer Tech Ltd.
 Oprah Winfrey  CBS Marketwatch  Wherify at CTIA 
 more tv>   more news>   more press releases>  
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