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<nettime> network lightning [action]

    networkers, this refers to a plan for sending ideas
    to various news outlets and such.  i came up with
    an idea related to this and would like to ask people
    on the list to consider participating in such an action,
    as an instance of networked, democratic, world action.
    this is because the speed and distance and networks
    that the information travels in is critical, especially when
    trying to spread an essay far and wide, from one e-mail
    account that often comes under Denial of Dial-up attacks
    when writing certain things (no one has to believe this,
    and as far as i know, i've not heard of this described by
   anyone else online, but a computer can be disconnected
   from the network in real-time, it seems.) thus, one way to
   get around this is to get any message out, then have it
   spread after this. just information, not a conspiracy theory
   or something off-base. basic reasoning of a .US citizen,
   saying this because this would trump the Patriot Act.

   this approach to a 'mental lightning storm' in that it would
   have as many members of a list or network, e-mail other
   pre-compiled contacts, gathered over a few days, on and
   off- such as newspaper editor's e-mails of daily reading,
   government officials, .US and abroad, media outlets and
   especially reporters, and websites and blogs and lists
   who may pick up the essay and run with it even further.
   what this would entail is for each person to have a series
   of contacts, all working e-mails, a batch from 5 to 500 and
   then, like the web of lightning in the sky, or the patterning
   of conscious thought in the brain, a temporary network
   of a shared idea would illuminate, become aware of the
   same thing, nearly instantaneously, and utilize resources
   of the group of individuals to work together, even though
   separated in many and diverse ways. such as political
   views, say, or what to do about such information. and,
   exactly what information would require such an action?

   it is proposed that there is a certain individual danger in
   sharing basic thought today, and when the mainstream
   media do not run basic news stories, and the populace
   remains unaware, it severely weakens and threatens
   the small naive fish just trying to make their contribution.
   that is, in the era of assassination politics, when people
   do not proactively spread ideas that are critical, they may
   be holding back a potential for interacting to change the
   situation, not by passive and mindless but active and
   engaged action to do something, however much, to go
   as far as possible with what is reasonable. in this way,
   it would offer an author more safety, too, as then they
   are not completely isolated and as easily targeted if
   more people know of the ideas than just those who
   might mount a serious offensive against the thinker.

   what people could do, then, is to compile e-mail
  addresses of the best contacts from around the
  globe, of people and organizations and officials
  and agencies and others who may be able to then
  shape the question to a better question, to improve
  it, but otherwise it may be unique in a way that may
  otherwise not be seen, without this extended action
  against corruption by global networked democracy.

  it would require people to begin gathering data now,
  and to forward the idea to others who may improve
  upon the concept itself and also extend the network.
  then, when content arises, it can then be flagged for
  'lightning storm' action or whatever it may be called,
  and individuals who receive it can decide whether or
  not it warrants such a move. the main reason is again
  to protect the writer of ideas, and send the ideas to
  as far across and inside and around the networks as
  is possible, using degrees-of-separation to advantage.
  it is also temporary, it is value-neutral in that someone
  may add comments to the question or opinion in order
  to amplify or edit the perspective, and it is copyright
  free in this sense. today, if one tries to e-mail 500
  places at once, or even across multiple attempts of
  smaller groups, this can be defeated by denial of
  access and disconnecting e-mail accounts, phone
  connections, and other things. this would be the
  best countermeasure at this time for freedom of
  information. this is also a personal request, instead
  of asking for prayers or good wishes, it is to ask
  for help in transforming the mental landscape
  through a democratic offensive of ideas over
  ideologies, truth over power, and reason over
  insanity. this is a request for some serious help.

  please, those who are considering this, compile
  lists of e-mail addresses. several. ones that can
  be used from internet cafes and web accounts.
  it is a million e-mail march, to tear down walls
  of false and fake information. it is not for the use
  of one author but those who are pursuing this in
  to a very dark realm, and to join in the adventure.

  network-lightning -->>> compile e-mail information for:

  - newspapers (online/offline) community/local/regional/national/intl
  - television stations (online/offline), cable news channels
  - radio stations and programs (online/offline)
  - columnists and reporters
  - various politicians, local/national/international
  - business leaders, local/national/international
  - organizations and institutions (education, student bodies)
  - internet mailing lists, news websites, blogs,
  - various interest-groups (politics, economics, society)

  [if 50 different people compile lists that all have the
  NYTimes editorial person on it, then instead of receiving
  one copy, there would be 50 from different people all
  over the world, potentially. Or, the US Congress, etc.]

  a request for such an action would then precede the
  content of any message, and then people can decide
  what to do with it based on their interpretation and view,
  yet this should be reserved for original writing and for
  use only in the most serious cases of political danger.

  - proposal by brian c. aka human being, sent to design-l,
  nettime-l, syndicate. forward to those who are ready...

  (due to the fact that, given time, it is impossible to write
  and compile all the e-mails and send them out during
  crises situations. emergency network transmissions...)

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