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<nettime> A session with Etaoin Shrdlu

A session with Etaoin Shrdlu

Winograd: -Place the red ball inside the cube
Etain Shrdlu: -What?

-Place the red ball inside the cube
-I heard

-It sounded like something from 'Wizard of Oz', it got me thinking

-Fine. Place the heart inside your chest

-Are there any white things?
-White things are white

-Are there white things on the ground?
-I'd call it snow. It's in the air too, you'd say it's whiting

-The blue stick is called 'shuffle'
-You're mad, I'm not touching it

-Pick up the cross
-Go to hell

-What is 5 + 7?
-Are you trying to pick me up with analytics?

-What is politics?
-In the white cube

-What else is in the white cube?

-Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
-Artificial intelligence

-God bless America
-I don't understand


The first International Robot Day, feb 5, 2004
On Terry Winograd's Etaoin Shrdlu '72 AI system

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