Zeljko Blace on Sun, 22 Feb 2004 00:13:21 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Internet creativity: Open Sources, Open Borders

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, [iso-8859-1] David Gonzalez wrote:

> .....even though i really admire geert and jonah 's thougth and work and i
> think they deserve the best of all... what is really funny to see is how
> the Spanish ministry of Science and Technology that has never given an
> euro for digital art in Spain and has never shown any kind of interest to
> support art and science collaborations in the art context or at their own
> universities within their research programs in Spain now appear as "in the
> mood", or as a cool Ministry involved with high tech questions and even in
> a "international context"...great!

Though I agree on Jonah's art work and Geert's commitment to networking
and covering wide set of issues in his writings, your information on
Spanish policy in the field is so typical of the "national policies" -
thay need something international and established for decorations rather
than local and reflecsive of local context.

In Croatia we have similar situation with Ministry of Culture interested
in supporting new media deign/mainstream e-culture events, but not those
of more specific and critical with local relevance. Local FlashForward
award winning project is being supported to do international events
(though thay work commercialy as publishers), while non-profit
organisation like Multimedia Institute is forced to go into almost
exclusivly international fundraising (luckly we have been succesfull in
few European attempts).
> i think it's a great opperation, cheaper than helping to their own spanish
> artists,scientifics, universities and so on...and it's funny nowadays that
> we have just known that almost all the money that the Ministry of Science
> and Technology gives to research is involved in offensive weapons (not
> defensive weapons as they used to tell us)and it's funny because so many
> other things...

not only cheaper but more simple... thay really hate to actually have to
think (maybe learn something) and than have to decide - evalute results.
I was always supprised of success V2_, WAAG & Virtuele platform with
communicating (educating?) on their issues to the state.

> but it's great to have another prize going around and i keep being a
> Little scared about the art's conception of the Ministre of Culture and
> Science and Technology as a decoration to wrap the disasters of war and
> hard neoliberal politics going around in Spain rigth now under Mr.Aznar
> legacy.
> I hope this prize could mean the begining of a change in Spain and the
> Minstry begins to help to produce instead to decorate....
> david

Hope it turns out to be a positive shift. We just swapped left
(undecisive) for right (more conservative) gov. and nov waiting for first
decisions of new Ministry of Culture.

Geert maybe this would be interesting chepter/research in the next book
you write, to balance with this Internet creativity positivism ;)

Congrats to both!

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