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Re: <nettime> Internet creativity: Open Sources, Open Borders


> On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, [iso-8859-1] David Gonzalez wrote:
>>.....even though i really admire geert and jonah 's thougth and work and i
>>think they deserve the best of all... what is really funny to see is how
>>the Spanish ministry of Science and Technology that has never given an
>>euro for digital art in Spain and has never shown any kind of interest to
>>support art and science collaborations in the art context or at their own
>>universities within their research programs in Spain now appear as "in the
>>mood", or as a cool Ministry involved with high tech questions and even in
>>a "international context"...great!

Though I was a member of the jury and am confident with Open Source- 
Open Borders and Umbrella.net as the winners, there was a question for 
me as well why has the Spanish Ministry - by making this contest 
international - a priori considered to give away so much of Spanish 
money? Why would a national ministry be interested in some international 
ado instead of trying to appear generous for the national scene, 
artists, press? Wouldn't it be more "cool"?

On another hand, don't forget about ARCO. The contest took place in the 
frame of the international art fair where gallerists, collectors and 
other contemporary art figures were showing off with their potential. So 
did El Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología - showing its money and 
intention. It is a good precedent for Spanish artists and researches to 
demand more attention to themselves. And a wave of critique is a good 
chance that they will get it.

with hope



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