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<nettime> Internet newspapers as alternative media... OhmyNews from South Korea

***  Internet newspapers as Alternative Media: 
The Case of OhmyNews in South Korea  ***
by Cheon Young-Cheol

South Korean society was under military dictatorship from the 1970s to the
1980s. In those days, many journalists protested against the military
authorities. Some of them went to jail and some lost their jobs by the
actions of a dictatorial government. They launched a progressive daily
newspaper, Hankyoreh. The funds for establishing Hankyoreh came from a
fund-raising campaign by the people. Citizens supported Hankyoreh, because
they strongly wished for such an alternative newspaper. Today, Hankyoreh is
just one of many major daily newspapers in South Korea. South Koreans have
lived through industrialization, dictatorship and democracy in a short
period. We have learned that if we participate, we can change society for
the better. The case of Hankyoreh is an example.
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