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FW: <nettime> The State of Networking (with Florian Schneider)

Interesting piece Geert and Florian...

Right question/wrong answer...

The problem with "Internet Research/theory" is that the ICT theory (and
research) folks see ICTs as a tool rather than as a basis for a
fundamental transformation including in relations of production/power.
So they miss the forest for the trees...

You folks are making the opposite mistake with "networks", seeing
(asking questions about) networks as fundamentally transformative social
solvents, rather than seeing networks as (social) "tools" and then doing
some sort of analysis on what those (newly empowered) tools are being
used for or not being used for--missing the trees while contemplating
the forest...  How, for what and under what conditions are networks
being/could be used...

An increase in the scope and range and force of networking certainly is
one outcome of the introduction of ICT's but so is the increase in the
capacity for surveillance, destructive autarchy, and "armies of one...".

As the National Networks Association so aptly puts it, networks don't
(kill/empower/enrich... take your pick...), its what is done with them
by the people who use them... 


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Subject: <nettime> The State of Networking (with Florian Schneider)

Notes on the State of Networking

By Geert Lovink and Florian Schneider

February 2004

(Written for the free theory paper Make World #4, printed in 10,000
copies and distributed at the Neuro-Networking in Europe-festival in
Munich. URL: www.makeworlds.org).

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