Lorenzo Taiuti on Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:11:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Hardt & Negri "Counseling the aristocrats"

Angela said: 

> "Party, that Negri & Hardt - however intersting and useful (or
> unintersting) their work is at times, they have never been leaders of
> any party except in the imaginations of those for whom one cannot think
> or actwithout congregating around leaders and programmes.

> Negri and Hardt were always a small, prolific and eloquent but hardly
> representative, part of what might be for awkwardly described as
> 'autonomists' -- despite attempts to produce a brandname, this has never
> been the case or successful.  Part of the problem for English-language
> readers is that this is easily occluded, but there are English-language
> sources for ascertaining the broader terrain of the Italian radical left
> from which so-called 'autonomism' sprung, such as Steve Wright's
> _Storming"

Talking about Negri starting from Project's mail apparently put me in a
"political lines" quarrel i was anaware of.
It seems to me difficult to believe that there are still "classic"
political groups like trotskjtes or other.
But i got the chance to criticize the astonishing overpowering of ideas
in the field of "new media" culture only because they present themselves
clad with "classic" heavy-metal-ideology.
Negri was a bad "ideological master" in the seventies and i refuse to
accept that a "digital lifting" can make him better today.
And if it is true that "autonomist" areas  were partly spontaneous
movement associations, it is true as well that the influence of Negri
made him look pretty much like a cultural leader.
But the problem remains the same.
Cannot we find new and fresher instruments of thought?
Was it not said (over and over again) that the "Web" would produce a
different feeling and production of ideas?

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