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RE: <nettime> Hardt & Negri "Counseling the aristocrats"

Re Proyect's response:

>>On the aut-op-sy mailing list, they call the
latest analysis "mad" as if
H&N woke up one morning and decided for some
ungodly reason to back the
Empire against imperialism<<

There is no 'they' -- this is easily ascertained by reading the various
responses on the autopsy list.  For my part, I said that I was hardly
shocked, that it was consistent with other parts of their writings and
other more recent articles. What trotbots like Proyect cannot quite
comprehend, however, is that it is possible to not be a member of The
Party, that Negri & Hardt - however intersting and useful (or
unintersting) their work is at times, they have never been leaders of any
party except in the imaginations of those for whom one cannot think or act
without congregating around leaders and programmes.

Negri and Hardt were always a small, prolific and eloquent but hardly
representative, part of what might be for awkwardly described as
'autonomists' -- despite attempts to produce a brandname, this has never
been the case or successful.  Part of the problem for English-language
readers is that this is easily occluded, but there are English-language
sources for ascertaining the broader terrain of the Italian radical left
from which so-called 'autonomism' sprung, such as Steve Wright's _Storming
Heaven_ -- a review of which is available at:
http://www.generation-online.org/t/stormingheaven. htm

And for Marina and anyone else having trouble with the link I sent

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