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<nettime> Hardt & Negri "Counseling the aristocrats"

Louis Proyect asked me to forward this:

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 14:22:51 -0400
From: Louis Proyect <>

> There are much more interesting criticisms of the Hardt & Negri
> piece than the rantings of a trotskyite whose consistent
> preoccupation (and accusation against others) is that others are
> famous when he is not.

Famous? I prefer infamy.

> To be sure, Hardt & Negri have done no one, let alone themselves a
> favour in their recent article; but surely there are better
> criticisms of it to read than the dross churned out by Proyect.
> Some of those are here:
> ... sans the collapse of any
> recent european philosophy into some unfied conspiracy against the
> correct path outlined by Lenin, and sans any yearnings for storming
> the winter palace.
> Angela

Instead of bashing Lenin, our autonomist friends would be better advised 
to understand the logic that would lead H&N to counsel the aristocrats. 
On the aut-op-sy mailing list, they call the latest analysis "mad" as if 
H&N woke up one morning and decided for some ungodly reason to back the 
Empire against imperialism (as if this were a coherent position to begin 
with.) The autonomist comrades would be better off rereading "Empire" 
and trying to understand why H&N placed any credibility in Marx's 
troubled Tribune articles on India, a surefire indication that faith was 
being placed in capitalist progress as I pointed out to them.

Sincerely, Craig Brozefsky <>
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