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<nettime> 'Passion' highlights Church PR task

from my mailinglist Pandora's Spinwatch

'Passion' highlights Church PR task
PRweek,  April 09 2004 

According to the churches that block-booked tickets, The Passion, which
offers a violent depiction of the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus, has
boosted church numbers.  St Luke's Church in Kent, on behalf of ten local
churches, block-booked 20,000 worth of tickets, which it gave to
non-church-goers to give them 'the opportunity to see the reality of the
suffering of Christ' and 'rethink the Christian message'.

St Luke's has handed out 2,000 books answering questions raised by
Gibson's film and has created a website - http://www.whydidhedie.net. It
is also exploring holding regular services at the local cinema and opening
a pub.


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and spread its noxious secrets to people everywhere. 

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