Albert Hupa on Thu, 15 Apr 2004 00:38:13 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> alter globalism and anti summit in Poland

At the beggining let me tell you how all the things are looking here
in Warsaw. Very soon, on 28th-30th of April, there will be a european
summit concerning our joining EU. Lots of politicians and buisnessmen
will come and many people here seem to be quite excited by all this
stuff. But in the same time about half (literally) of Polish police
will be sent to Warsaw, and there is some military to be used, just in
case. The president of Warsaw adivces people to leave the city in the
end of month. Why?

First, media in Poland keep shouting that Al Qaida is a serious threat
and that there may be some raids in Warsaw. Actually only a few
believe in this, as Poland is concerned by Poles as a nonsiginificant
country on the international scene. But the bombs in Mardid made our
politicians think. But that's not the case.

Second, it is widely known that all the anarchist movements promised
that they will join their forces and make an enormous manifestation.
It will be on of this rare occasions when this folks will act together
and will stop arguing with each other, at least they say so...

Other minority movements promised colaboration, so qeers, feminists
(quite a strong movement down here), greens, antiglobalists,
alterglobalists, anarchists, guys in for a legalisation of marihuana
and even cyclists (that's not a joke! they will be fightinig for more
space for them) will make a march.

I have had plans of antisumit for quite a long time on my computer,
and I can read that they want to repeat the events that took place non
long ago in Prague. And Prague is on the mouths of everybody, as the
city centre was obliterated over there by anti globalists. People over
here said they would close all the shops and that they will put iron
bars on their windows.

Police is of course protecting us; they announced that part of the
city (not just one square) will be closed not only for pedestrains but
also for cars. People living in the groung zero (this part of the city
is called like that) won't be able to move in or out of their flats.

But that's not all. Close to the ground zero there lives a group
called in Polish 'dres', but in Polish it means the sportswear - so
there are all these guys who beat, robe and destroy with baseball
clubs innocent people on the streets. Oh, have I forgotten to mention
that all of them are stoned all the time with either alcochol or
speed? They assured media, that if anything gets broken, they will
join the action. Anyway, people seem to be worried. And they talk...

I study philosophy and in the builiding of my institute of course
there were gatherings of the anarchists intellectuals, and among
others there were also my teachers (these younger ones) who shouted
outloud that globalisation has to be stopped. People have to unite and
work together and start acting locally. Many names were mentioned, for
example the immortal Chomsky (whose linguistic system sucks, but this
is my private opinion, he should read Eduard Sapir a little bit more
carefully) and Bauman, my kinsman, of whom, as a sociologist, I am quite
ashamed (I major at the social sciences and I am aware of his total
unoriginality). Other names (just names,
their thoughts are quite dead) are Josiah Waren, Steven Andrews or
Michael Linton were frequently mentioned but for me there lacked the
name of their God, Marx. Why am I so cunning here?

On all the meetings I was there was an atmosphere which I associated
with March 68 in Paris. Although the lectors kept talking about 60' in
San Francisco, they didn't mention French revolt which was directly
connected with socialism. And in Poland there is a trouble,
'socialists' ruled our country for over 40 years and people know,
socialists 'are bad'. So few people will listen to fanatics shouting
for socialism to be back. So they call it alter/antiglobalism. Just to
make sure, I am not anti anti globalist, I am also not globalist, you
can call me lurker if you like, cause I just watch. And what do I see?
I see that at the lecture on globalism, the lector made a mistake and
instead of alterglobalism he said antiglobalism. He excused for it and
said he isn't used to new names. Then one man from the audience stood
up (jeez, he looked like he had a knife or something somewhere in his
pocket) and said quitly but in such a way that everyone heard him:
It's not a matter of names!) And you know what? Of course you know!
They started quarreling and I had the impression that mob can't get
any conclusions from anything. They agree to disagree... and to fight
(with each other).

No news for most of you (I am just a youg student) but Hegel and Marx
were in my head for quite a long time, especially the second one. And
his dialectis materialism shows us how it works: there are two groups,
or rather there is one group, holding power, and the rest. And the
rest opposes the group, they fight and there is a new order. Bravo,
Mortus Rex est; Vivat new president (but what does he presides?). But
new 'the rest' is already forming. And so on and so forth.

Funny enough, according to this, Marx was wrong with two things; his
materialist system applies only to souls, people that is, and is
neither dialectical nor liner, it is simply viciously circular!

If we
give equal chances to everyone there will always be someone better
than others and he/she will hold the power. All are equals! Just take a
closer look to former Russia; there was equality and there was one
equal guy, but he was a little bit smarter than the rest (He is famous
for his proverb: Death of an individual is a tragedy, but death of
millions is a statistics) So he equally rulled all the nation, as he was
just more equal than others and became a tyrant. What makes all this
people who fight for equality think that they are more equal than
others, what or who gives them monopoly for knowledge? Why do they
know better what is best, like all the rest of rulers?

The other side of statistics shows us how the governments use the
people, how induviduals have no right for dignity, and how bad USA
uses the rest of the world for its own. Yeah, USA have no right to
decide whether democracy in Iraq is a good system (I think that it
isn't, but I am a follower of the theory of national characters! Just
like Russia will never be democratic, Poland will always be
democratic, and we will keep arquing till the end of the world without
, getting to any conclusions and USA will always be evasive and French
thoughts will be wired positively of course!) and that Neste uses slaves, just like
Levis and Microsoft, and it's bad. So let's make somehow
governments to think of individuals and remind them of the ethics of Kant
(not all of it - only the part telling that humans have to be also an
aim itself, not only means).

Anyway, I have to prepare for self defence against Anti/alter
globalists, bandits and the government! So, gotta be goin'


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